Consulting Testimonials

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Passionate, Innovative Speaker

Scott is a passionate and innovative communicator with great vision. Scott has outstanding facilitation skills, is a collaborative leader, and knows how to get things done well. A pleasure to work with!

Arden Brion, Managing Director
Root Learning, an international training/learning organization

All Around Amazing Talent

If you are looking for a top-notch writer, editor, marketing consultant, or just all around amazing talent, you need to hire and work with Jocelyn. She is a subject-matter expert who hits the mark consistently. I have worked with Jocelyn for more than 3 years now on a wide variety of high-level publishing assignments, books and projects, speaking engagements, teleseminars, and more — she makes everything I do look even better — every time! I highly recommend Jocelyn for your next important project.

Anne Bruce
bestselling author and award-winning international speaker

Marketing Savvy

To my marketing manager, Jocelyn Godfrey, for your advice, your expertise, and your support. This book exists because of your relationship-building capabilities and marketing savvy. You bring joy to my work.

book dedication from Marlene Chism
Stop Workplace Drama

Engaged Passionate Team Environment

Scott’s unique management style blends his business knowledge with his psychology background to created a family-like team environment that results in highly engaged, passionate employees who deliver unrivaled products and business solutions. Scott is also an expert at building teams that are able to deliver creative solutions to difficult problems on an enterprise-wide level. If you are looking for someone who can inspire your workforce into producing excellent results and/or someone with superior communications and people skills, Scott is your man.

Travis Williams, Sr. Communication Integration Specialist