Wearing My Birthday Suit at Work

I’ve learned that clothes can be stained and crotches can blow out from the end of the zipper to the top of the waistband. So now I just wear my birthday suit at work. And it’s paid off in a HUGE way!

The Biggest Obstacles

We don’t have a time problem, we have a focus problem. So today, do two things: …

Love & Marriage…and Work!

It’s easy to fall in love with a person or job that’s perfect, which, like unicorns, don’t exist. So maybe you should just focus on being your best. Period.

Your Work, Your Self-Portrait

Just like art is a reflection of the artist, work is a reflection of the worker. What does the quality of your work say about your value as well as what you value? Does it fill you with pride at the end of your day because you know that you did your best? If everyone followed you’re example, would your organization be more profitable, your customers more satisfied, and your coworkers more engaged?

3 Engagement Boosters

When it comes to becoming a truly happy, ENGAGED individual–either at home, at work, or across all parts of your life, do you know where to start? Hint: It’s not “over there”…

Engagement is a Choice

A 2011 study found that engagement levels increase as you climb the corporate ladder. But the WHY might surprise you. Learn from a man I met recently in Arkansas…

Joy: A Matter of Give and Take

Can you think of someone at work who’s like the Typhoid Mary of misery and negativity? These happiness-sucking individuals seem more zealous to create converts than any multilevel marketer. It’s like they get paid per each set of eyes they force down to the direction of the carpet. Just like you can create misery, you can also help ignite joy, happiness, and engagement.

The Engaged Family

I often use my blog space to write about employee engagement, but today I want to broaden the topic to include engagement where it hits closer to home. Because I want to talk about engagement at home.

Engagement Via Appreciation

Engagement doesn’t require expensive programs, and you don’t even need to have the word leader in your title to spread engagement to others. All that is required for you to ignite passion in others is for you to become the light by demonstrating appreciation. It’s simple, free, and powerful. It happens when you express interest, thanks, awe, praise, or just attention to others. People will follow you around as if you were the Sun, and they shining plants in your garden.