Leaders at Work: Raise Your Hand if You Need Help!

He should have raised his hand and asked for help. He didn’t. Instead, he shredded thousands of documents in an attempt to destroy the evidence that he was in over his head. How did that work out? The manager went to prison where he died.

Creative Leadership

Years ago, a boss praised my creative talents in my role as leader. I scoffed inside, telling myself that I was the least creative person in any room. “I just have great, innovative employees,” I told him. Then, to reinforce my believe that I was lacking in that department, I married a highly artistic woman….

HDJM? Mentoring, Old School!

If you want to develop people, you could do a lot worse than to follow the example of Jesus. No, this is not a religious blog. You don’t have to join a church, nor is it necessary that you profess any particular religious dogma or creed. I’m just saying that Jesus knew a thing or…