Success Secrets from a 1,300 Year-Old Family Business

What are the success secrets to keeping a business in the family…and keeping it successful…beyond one generation? What success secrets are you passing down to the next generation of leadership in your organization?

Invest Like a Successful Leader

Talking with several financial successful business owners and leaders over dinner, the discussion started on how to invest in solar and wind energy before straying onto another energy investment: emotional energy. Invest In The Right Things If I’m honest, my earliest pictures of success look a lot like Daddy Warbucks and Ebenezer Scrooge, two guys…

Little Things…Big Differences

Ever get so caught up in the big things that you lose sight of the little things that deepen your relationships and make you a better, happier person?

Thriving in Change & Beating the Cold

A helpful change reality: Once we come through a challenging time, the strength we’ve acquired will last much longer than the chill of the moment.

4 Habits for a New-ish Year!

Good habits take time to stick, unlike bad habits that tend to cling to us like toilet paper on the sole of a wet shoe.

Candy Crush Saga & Real World Lessons

Let me make you feel a little better about your addiction to Candy Crush Saga by pointing out some positive life lessons the game can teach us. Whether at work, at home, or in a highly addictive game, know these 5 truths…

Takeaways, Not Turnovers

Born under the shadow of the city of Chicago, I follow the Chicago Bear’s each season. If you hate football in general or the Bears in particular, don’t worry. This blog is not about football as much as it’s about life. This last Sunday I caught the game between the Bears and the Lions. Early…

Success: Is It Planning or Good Habits?

I had the opportunity to lunch with some new friends, Ken and Nancy Grant, the other day. During the conversation, Ken made a casual comment about his current position in life: “I’m entering the final six months of my eight year plan,” he said as a transitional statement about his career. AWESOME! Who thinks like…

Parents and Managers…

Frank Barone, brilliantly played by the late-Peter Boyle on TV’s Everybody Loves Raymond, had some wisdom buried deep inside his crusty exterior. My favorite line of his: If your kids like you, you failed as a parent. Translated into a work truism: If your employees like you, you failed as a manager. Um…yes and no….