It’s A Matter of Passion!

We go to work for the same reason: our parents didn’t leave us trust funds. We HAVE to work. But how do we show up for work? That’s completely up to us.

Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week!

Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a serious crisis to go to waste.” Outstanding customer service doesn’t mean flawless service; instead, it means brilliant responsiveness after something has gone awry. 5 tips to moving irate customers to happy ones.

August is Happiness Month!

August is HAPPINESS MONTH, so my friends at HR C-Suite asked me to submit a couple of thoughts for their publication. Many people fail to understand that happiness, like misery, is a choice. There is no “happiness gene” or “happiness diet” or “happiness secret sauce.” Positive psychology research, though, has uncovered some tips that we can apply to tap into and create our own happiness.

Engagement: Where to Start

You don’t lead by telling, you lead by doing. When you engage people, people usually engage you back. Kick off an engagement revolution by giving more of what you wish to receive.

Are You Putting Me On???

Chatting with a friend this morning inspired me to think about what things can people put on to change the kind of day…or night…they’re going to have while also helping them to feel great in the process. I came up with a short list, just three things. After you read mine, what would you add?…