Conducting Your Personal Year-End Review

A year-end review helps you determine the source of your greatest joy and pain! If you don’t like where this year took you, good news: you can CHANGE it! And if you like where this year took you, good news: you can REPEAT it!

Your Work, Your Self-Portrait

Just like art is a reflection of the artist, work is a reflection of the worker. What does the quality of your work say about your value as well as what you value? Does it fill you with pride at the end of your day because you know that you did your best? If everyone followed you’re example, would your organization be more profitable, your customers more satisfied, and your coworkers more engaged?

The Fallacy of Balance

Life Balance is a hot topic. Busy people need ways to juggle all of the important things in their lives. But is balance the right answer? Remember when you were a kid and you had something nasty on your plate, like peas? You were probably told that you couldn’t leave the table until you cleared…