Shortcuts: My Long Road to Nowhere

Nothing wastes more time than taking a shortcut to nowhere. Before taking that next exit ramp to a better, quicker or cheaper route, think again. Even better, think BEFORE.

Your Work, Your Self-Portrait

Just like art is a reflection of the artist, work is a reflection of the worker. What does the quality of your work say about your value as well as what you value? Does it fill you with pride at the end of your day because you know that you did your best? If everyone followed you’re example, would your organization be more profitable, your customers more satisfied, and your coworkers more engaged?

Are You The Best “Boss” Ever?*

Unless you are a trust-fund baby living off a huge inheritance, you have a boss. Even corporate titans and business owners have bosses in the way of shareholders and customers. So wouldn’t it be great if everyone who worked for a living had a boss who was results-oriented while also being caring, compassionate and, well,…