Ready to be an Entrepreneur?

It’s Monday. And if you’re dreading another week of working for “the man”, maybe it’s time to go into business for yourself. But before you quit your job, read these 6 tips to see if you’re ready.

Sacri-Vesting: The Birds That Po(o)pped In

When you voluntary give up your temporary happiness for another–like I did when I let the Carolina wrens nest in and be-foul my shed–I call that SACRI-VESTING. It’s that combination of sacrificing and investing that we do for those we care about and love.

Mastering Your Energy

Research has found that the average person spends 1 hour and 19 minutes each day: (1) angry, (2) in a foul mood, and/or (3) complaining. Over a lifetime, that equates to 3½ years! Since we all possess a finite amount of energy, the solution resides in learning to master our energy.

Character Lessons from Nature

My 9-year old daughter read something interesting to me the other day. According to the book she was reading, the brains of wild animals are bigger and sharper than that of their domestic cousins. For example, the brain of a wolf or coyote is proportionally bigger than the brains of your household pet, Fido. Scientist…