Resilience in Times of Change

When a crisis (like COVID-19) takes over every news story, it’s easy to become full of gloom-n-doom. But don’t stay stuck. Your energy follows your focus. So look for the upside. Because there is always an upside. For example, I’ve been wanting to launch more content using video and podcasts, but I’ve never found the…

What Color Are Your Glasses?

When someone asks, “How’s it going today?” you can say “It’s Heaven!” or “It’s Hell!” And you know what? You’ll be right.

3 Barriers to Real Growth

Ready to grow towards a new relationship, a new career, a new dream, or a new commitment? Be prepared to stay HUNGRY, BRAVE, and HUMBLE.

How to Change the World, One Person at a Time

Imagine what this world would look like if each day you took a few minutes to thank one person for how they’ve made a difference in your life. I don’t have scientific evidence that this would, indeed, change the world. But I can promise you that if you pick up this challenge it will change your world.

Are You a Predictable Leader?

Some events are very predictable.When I was a kid, one of the surest signs that I was ready to catch some grief from my mom was her not-so-subtle inclusion of my middle name when she summoned me. When I was in school, I could usually tell I was in trouble when the teacher would add the formal-sounding “Mister” in front of my last name. In the history dating, the phrase “We have to talk” has never signaled the beginning of a big, fat, happy surprise. And if you’re a manager, if the first though an employee has when you call for a one-on-one meeting is, “Crap. I’m in trouble”… there’s a good chance that you’re a BOSS, not a LEADER.

Put a Cork in It!

You are not only NOT the judge and jury, you are NOT the prosecuting attorney, either! So just LET IT GO!

Mastering Your Energy

Research has found that the average person spends 1 hour and 19 minutes each day: (1) angry, (2) in a foul mood, and/or (3) complaining. Over a lifetime, that equates to 3½ years! Since we all possess a finite amount of energy, the solution resides in learning to master our energy.

The 51% Zone: Redefining a “Good Day”

When you’re in the 51% Zone, you redefine a good day as anything above the 50% mark. It takes practice to stay in that zone, and it doesn’t require a car accident or a tragedy as a catalyst. But it does require challenging your perspective when negative events occur.

Having A Happier Hump Day…

Say Thank You as many times as you can today without forcing it. Keep a mental note of how much you have to be thankful for and who is deserving of your gratitude. To the woman who hands you your morning coffee, make sure to say Thank You. To the person who lets you board…

Law of Attraction for Cynics and Dummies

Full disclosure: I’m a cynic, one who believes that primarily selfish motives propel human actions. And I’m a dummy. I had to look up how to spell dummy. Since the root is dumb, would it be dumby? That looked too much like Gumby. How about dumbie? Dumbee? I digress. The concept of the Law of…