3 Ways You Know Your Boss Stinks

Many people complain that they work for the world’s worst boss, but how do you know if your boss really deserves that title?

Negative or Positive Engagement: What’s More Effective?

Tricks work. You can manipulate or scare people into action. But that’s being pragmatic without being principled. And besides, you can achieve so much more when you are the sunlight. What can you do ? Try these 3 simple tips today to actively and positively engage your people…

Combating Learned Helplessness at Work

Employees with great performance need to know that they are in charge of their own awesomeness. Employees who are in the terminal stages of being disgruntled and disengaged may need to hear a final message from you: “You can be disgruntled, or you can be an employees. But you can’t be both.”

Engagement Amongst Low-Paid Employees

Not all jobs require an atom-smashing degree, nor do all jobs pay employees on par with members of the United States senate. I find employee excellence and engagement taking place regardless if employees sweep floors or sign treaties for a living.

Pushing Past Performance Paralysis

Many years ago, I took a new position and, with the new role, I got a new boss, Ray. Ray was accomplished, polished, and brilliant. Those are the reasons I took the position, to have an opportunity to work with someone so gifted and hard-working. But at the same time, all of those traits of…

Let Me In!

My neighbor has a dachshund-beagle mix with a distinctive bark. He’s a happy dog, and he tends to make a lot of noise when he’s in the company of someone he enjoys. When his momma/owner plays with him, he releases a flurry of high-pitched yaps. But there’s another time when he makes noise, a time…