Collecting Happiness: Is That A Thing?

Is it possible to collect happiness? People collect all sorts of things. When I was a kid, my neighbor spent time collecting more beer cans than I’d ever seen. My parents collected things, too: mom had her teacups and dad his funny cartoons. I used to collect bruises (soccer players will understand). Some people collect…

Unknown Doesn’t Mean Without Impact

I watched the 2021 Presidential inauguration wanting to hear President Biden’s address. As a bonus, I saw the first female Vice President sworn in, heard an amazing rendition of the National Anthem by Lady Gaga, and found myself spellbound as Amanda Gorman recited We Climb the Hill. But, I have to admit, the unknown man…

How to Become a Legacy

You can leave a legacy even if your name is never spoken aloud, you never win an award, and fans never scream your name. Tracy Bradford is that kind of legacy.

It’s A Matter of Passion!

We go to work for the same reason: our parents didn’t leave us trust funds. We HAVE to work. But how do we show up for work? That’s completely up to us.

Ready to be an Entrepreneur?

It’s Monday. And if you’re dreading another week of working for “the man”, maybe it’s time to go into business for yourself. But before you quit your job, read these 6 tips to see if you’re ready.

Lessons on Excellence from NASCAR

What did I learn from my visit to a NASCAR race? Value the people who stick with you. Invest in your passion above all else. Track the progress you make. And practice the character trait of perseverance, because the winner’s circle isn’t available to those who quit.

Engagement Via Appreciation

Engagement doesn’t require expensive programs, and you don’t even need to have the word leader in your title to spread engagement to others. All that is required for you to ignite passion in others is for you to become the light by demonstrating appreciation. It’s simple, free, and powerful. It happens when you express interest, thanks, awe, praise, or just attention to others. People will follow you around as if you were the Sun, and they shining plants in your garden.

Baby Steps to Happiness

Happiness doesn’t require medication, meditation, or money. It just requires that you to take a few steps in the right direction.

Engagement Amongst Low-Paid Employees

Not all jobs require an atom-smashing degree, nor do all jobs pay employees on par with members of the United States senate. I find employee excellence and engagement taking place regardless if employees sweep floors or sign treaties for a living.

Little by Little…

Last year on my bike path, I came across the work of a busy beaver. Adjacent to the DuPage River, a toothy rodent had chewed a tree trunk  down to a nub. In a short period of time, the tree would fall. I’m no beaverologist, so I have no idea how a beaver starts to…