Combating Gloom-n-Doom “News”

If you follow the gloom-n-doom news of the day, you might conclude that our world, indeed, is going to hell-in-a-hand-basket. Look no further than the COVID-19 pandemic, global warming, natural disasters, wildfires, political unrest, insurrections, geopolitical hot-spots, melting icecaps, unemployment, murder hornets, and polar vortices for evidence that we’ve got our share of challenges. But…

What Color Are Your Glasses?

When someone asks, “How’s it going today?” you can say “It’s Heaven!” or “It’s Hell!” And you know what? You’ll be right.

Finding the Truth in Criticism

How do I deal with criticism? I drink. No! Actually, I evaluate the critic and the feedback based on some simple standards. And then I decide if I need to accept it and work on it…or just hear it and keep on going.

Not to Criticize, But…

It’s easy to let praise and positive feedback bounce off us. But when it comes to negative feedback, most of us hold on to it with our entire being, like a Yorkshire terrier holds on to a chew toy. Is it possible to dismiss unreasonable criticism so it doesn’t stick with us and pull us down?

Joy: A Matter of Give and Take

Can you think of someone at work who’s like the Typhoid Mary of misery and negativity? These happiness-sucking individuals seem more zealous to create converts than any multilevel marketer. It’s like they get paid per each set of eyes they force down to the direction of the carpet. Just like you can create misery, you can also help ignite joy, happiness, and engagement.

Put a Cork in It!

You are not only NOT the judge and jury, you are NOT the prosecuting attorney, either! So just LET IT GO!

Mastering Your Energy

Research has found that the average person spends 1 hour and 19 minutes each day: (1) angry, (2) in a foul mood, and/or (3) complaining. Over a lifetime, that equates to 3½ years! Since we all possess a finite amount of energy, the solution resides in learning to master our energy.

The 51% Zone: Redefining a “Good Day”

When you’re in the 51% Zone, you redefine a good day as anything above the 50% mark. It takes practice to stay in that zone, and it doesn’t require a car accident or a tragedy as a catalyst. But it does require challenging your perspective when negative events occur.

Law of Attraction for Cynics and Dummies

Full disclosure: I’m a cynic, one who believes that primarily selfish motives propel human actions. And I’m a dummy. I had to look up how to spell dummy. Since the root is dumb, would it be dumby? That looked too much like Gumby. How about dumbie? Dumbee? I digress. The concept of the Law of…