How Leaders Build Trust During Change

Today my wife and consultation business partner, Jocelyn, shares her thoughts on CHANGE as she waits to hear the surgical outcomes for our daughter. I’ve been privileged to sit in boardrooms with C-level (CEO, CFO, CIO) leaders as they discuss upcoming or ongoing changes. It’s our job to advise them on change communications and engagement…

Communication in Times of Change / Crisis

Even the best leaders and organizations struggle with communication. Add organizational change or a crisis, and matters get worse quickly. What do leaders need to do better when business as usual becomes anything but usual? [If you prefer learning via video instead of reading, watch below] I’ve coached executives and consulted with organizations on change…

Your Values Today Can Become Your Destiny

Speaking on the power of values, Gandhi famously said these lines: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” As people across the globe remain on high alert due to the COVID-19 pandemic,…

Leaders at Work: Raise Your Hand if You Need Help!

He should have raised his hand and asked for help. He didn’t. Instead, he shredded thousands of documents in an attempt to destroy the evidence that he was in over his head. How did that work out? The manager went to prison where he died.

The Poisonous Stick Interpretation

The other day on a hike, I jumped out of my skin when I came across a stick that had the same coloration and shape of a copperhead. Obviously, I could only interpret that observation as any sane person would: the stick, wishing to protect itself, used a camouflage design to resemble a deadly snake….

Success Secrets from a 1,300 Year-Old Family Business

What are the success secrets to keeping a business in the family…and keeping it successful…beyond one generation? What success secrets are you passing down to the next generation of leadership in your organization?

Invest Like a Successful Leader

Talking with several financial successful business owners and leaders over dinner, the discussion started on how to invest in solar and wind energy before straying onto another energy investment: emotional energy. Invest In The Right Things If I’m honest, my earliest pictures of success look a lot like Daddy Warbucks and Ebenezer Scrooge, two guys…

Creative Leadership

Years ago, a boss praised my creative talents in my role as leader. I scoffed inside, telling myself that I was the least creative person in any room. “I just have great, innovative employees,” I told him. Then, to reinforce my believe that I was lacking in that department, I married a highly artistic woman….