Real and Ugly Beats Perfect yet Phony

When you look at a selfie, you’re not seeing a real person. You’re looking at an image that the photographer staged, cropped, and edited meticulously—reducing red-eye, pounds, wrinkles, and years while increasing bust, bicep, and lip size—all designed to show the best (albeit false) side of himself to others. In our desire to be loved…

What’s Your Legacy?

My father left me quite a legacy, but it didn’t come in the form of an endowment or a trust fund. His legacy came from how he lived his life, a life that left a mark in the lives of so many others after he left us. Most legacies aren’t financial With all the DNA…

Leaders at Work: Raise Your Hand if You Need Help!

He should have raised his hand and asked for help. He didn’t. Instead, he shredded thousands of documents in an attempt to destroy the evidence that he was in over his head. How did that work out? The manager went to prison where he died.

3 Barriers to Real Growth

Ready to grow towards a new relationship, a new career, a new dream, or a new commitment? Be prepared to stay HUNGRY, BRAVE, and HUMBLE.

Comparison Kills Contentment

This morning, I saw a fit-looking man as I headed into the barbell area at the gym, and I subtly checked out how much weight he was using for his workout. God help me, and I know what I’m about to say sounds stupid and superficial, but I felt a little superior when I saw that I was lifting much more than this fit-looking young man –That is until I saw the guy behind him, a guy who could not have weighed more than 130 pounds fully dressed and wet, and that skinny, scrawny kid, who appeared to be all hair and bones, was out-lifting me. Do you know what happened to my contentment level at that moment? PFFFFFT!

Today I Learned…

There are three types of people. Type #1 says, ‘I’m not going to learn anything new today.’ Type #2 says, ‘Let’s wait and see if this is any good.’ And type #3 says, ‘I can’t wait to learn!’ True leaders fall into Type #3. Real leaders are life-long learners.