Collecting Happiness: Is That A Thing?

Is it possible to collect happiness? People collect all sorts of things. When I was a kid, my neighbor spent time collecting more beer cans than I’d ever seen. My parents collected things, too: mom had her teacups and dad his funny cartoons. I used to collect bruises (soccer players will understand). Some people collect…

Spark Joy: Declutter Your Mind

Queen of Declutter, Marie Kondo, suggests you hold up an item and ask yourself: Does this spark joy? If the answer is yes, keep it. Otherwise, toss or donate it. This works just as well for things that take up space in our heads. “Do we have to hang that in here? It’s scaring the…

You Need This Japanese Word: Ikigai

Koh-nee-chee-wah, readers!  That’s Japanese for “Hello.” The English language is full of Japanese words, like emoji, tsunami, karaoke, haiku, koi, tofu and, of course, sushi. But my favorite Japanese word is ikigai, and that’s the topic of today’s blog. The English language doesn’t have a word for ikigai, but it roughly means, “your reason for…

Boosting My Humanity Quotient

Until moments ago, I thought I had coined the phrase Humanity Quotient. But apparently, the phrase is already in common use. Instead of rehashing what others have shared, I want to share my own personal lessons on how to increase my connection with the world around me. Meaningful Connection Begins with Intentional Disconnection All day…

3 Practices of Happy People

How do people become and stay happy—whether or not they have external trappings of what we might consider success? Here are three things happy people do differently…

Quit Stalling: How to Stop Procrastinating

Call it procrastination or work-avoidance. We all have some form of it. I offer 5 TIPS as a former, world-class procrastinator on how to quit stalling and start getting things done NOW…

Taking Your Dream Vacation

3 TIPS to taking a dream vacation. And in case this doesn’t jump out at you, the same tips apply to building happiness the other 50 weeks of the year.

Little Things…Big Differences

Ever get so caught up in the big things that you lose sight of the little things that deepen your relationships and make you a better, happier person?

What Color Are Your Glasses?

When someone asks, “How’s it going today?” you can say “It’s Heaven!” or “It’s Hell!” And you know what? You’ll be right.

The Biggest Obstacles

We don’t have a time problem, we have a focus problem. So today, do two things: …

Shortcuts: My Long Road to Nowhere

Nothing wastes more time than taking a shortcut to nowhere. Before taking that next exit ramp to a better, quicker or cheaper route, think again. Even better, think BEFORE.

RU 4/20 Friendly (Revisited)

The guy in the tie dye shirt, sandals, and skull cap. Is he a hippie, biker, gang-banger, or stoner? None of the above. He’s just a middle-aged dad who beats his own drum.