August is Happiness Month!

August is HAPPINESS MONTH, so my friends at HR C-Suite asked me to submit a couple of thoughts for their publication. Many people fail to understand that happiness, like misery, is a choice. There is no “happiness gene” or “happiness diet” or “happiness secret sauce.” Positive psychology research, though, has uncovered some tips that we can apply to tap into and create our own happiness.

Joy: A Matter of Give and Take

Can you think of someone at work who’s like the Typhoid Mary of misery and negativity? These happiness-sucking individuals seem more zealous to create converts than any multilevel marketer. It’s like they get paid per each set of eyes they force down to the direction of the carpet. Just like you can create misery, you can also help ignite joy, happiness, and engagement.

The Truth about Silence

Unless you’re a baby bird, don’t sit around with your mouth open waiting for others to feed you. A couple of days ago, the RIM/Blackberry service died during the early morning hours. For about 6 hours, I could send but not receive messages. At first, I was mildly displeased, thinking that this outage served as…