Collecting Happiness: Is That A Thing?

Is it possible to collect happiness? People collect all sorts of things. When I was a kid, my neighbor spent time collecting more beer cans than I’d ever seen. My parents collected things, too: mom had her teacups and dad his funny cartoons. I used to collect bruises (soccer players will understand). Some people collect…

The 51% Zone: Redefining a “Good Day”

When you’re in the 51% Zone, you redefine a good day as anything above the 50% mark. It takes practice to stay in that zone, and it doesn’t require a car accident or a tragedy as a catalyst. But it does require challenging your perspective when negative events occur.

Bad Haircuts and Bad Customer Service

Imagine if you were to enter into a relationship with your employees at work by which employees would interact with their customers with the same level of enthusiasm, passion, and engagement that you gave to your employees. By the way: THEY DO!

Who are you? I mean REALLY?

Earlier this week, a friend asked me to review her resume. Last year, her company went through several leadership changes, and she didn’t like the new direction. In particular, she saw the culture transforming overnight from a very customer-focused organization with very loyal employees to a company that valued cost reduction as the sole means…

Exponential Voice of Discontent

The concept of employee engagement is going to become increasingly important in the very near future. Employees who have options will not stick around if you haven’t earned their trust, respect, and loyalty. Consider the exponential power of the loud voice from a disgruntled employee. Years ago, a company I supported opened in a new…