Boosting My Humanity Quotient

Until moments ago, I thought I had coined the phrase Humanity Quotient. But apparently, the phrase is already in common use. Instead of rehashing what others have shared, I want to share my own personal lessons on how to increase my connection with the world around me. Meaningful Connection Begins with Intentional Disconnection All day…

3 Engagement Boosters

When it comes to becoming a truly happy, ENGAGED individual–either at home, at work, or across all parts of your life, do you know where to start? Hint: It’s not “over there”…

Actually, Money Can Buy Happiness!

“Money can’t buy you happiness” seems to assure we who are not wealthy that we aren’t missing out on something just because we weren’t born into a trust-fund family. But unfortunately, that saying is as lie. The truth is that MONEY CAN, INDEED, BUY YOU HAPPINESS. But what you spend your money on determines if you end up with short-term excitement, or lasting, long-term happiness.

Baby Steps to Happiness

Happiness doesn’t require medication, meditation, or money. It just requires that you to take a few steps in the right direction.

Joy Suckers

So last week, I had some very happy news to share. The nature of the news is less important than the context: HAPPY NEWS. Have you ever been really excited about something, but when you shared your great news, the feedback you received was less favorable than you expected? You buy the car you’ve had…