Collecting Happiness: Is That A Thing?

Is it possible to collect happiness? People collect all sorts of things. When I was a kid, my neighbor spent time collecting more beer cans than I’d ever seen. My parents collected things, too: mom had her teacups and dad his funny cartoons. I used to collect bruises (soccer players will understand). Some people collect…

One at a Time…Right Now

While running this morning, it dawned on me how much time I waste discouraged about yesterdays and worried about tomorrows. Am I the only one who does this?

Taking Your Dream Vacation

3 TIPS to taking a dream vacation. And in case this doesn’t jump out at you, the same tips apply to building happiness the other 50 weeks of the year.

Actually, Money Can Buy Happiness!

“Money can’t buy you happiness” seems to assure we who are not wealthy that we aren’t missing out on something just because we weren’t born into a trust-fund family. But unfortunately, that saying is as lie. The truth is that MONEY CAN, INDEED, BUY YOU HAPPINESS. But what you spend your money on determines if you end up with short-term excitement, or lasting, long-term happiness.

We All Need Coaches!

Yesterday I stated that we all need a coach at different times in our lives because coaches help us improve more quickly than we would if left to our own devices. I then divide up the IN-NEED-OF-COACHING population into two categories: Those who know they need a coach AND are ready to work with a…