Spark Joy: Declutter Your Mind

Queen of Declutter, Marie Kondo, suggests you hold up an item and ask yourself: Does this spark joy? If the answer is yes, keep it. Otherwise, toss or donate it. This works just as well for things that take up space in our heads. “Do we have to hang that in here? It’s scaring the…

Your Emotions Drive Your Perspective

My morning started with a healthy perspective where I logged many productive hours before daylight. As a treat, I decided to cook a hardy breakfast. Well, I meant to cook breakfast. What I ended up doing was burning breakfast. As smoke filled the kitchen and my eggs turned to charcoal in the pot, I opened…

Burnout & the Post-Crisis Crisis

Today, I want to address an issue you may face as more people return to work after the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis: Employee Burnout! Many employees continued working throughout the peak of the COVID-19 crisis in environments that put them at risk of infection. Some of them have served on the front lines…

Little Things…Big Differences

Ever get so caught up in the big things that you lose sight of the little things that deepen your relationships and make you a better, happier person?

What Memories Last A Lifetime?

You might not remember many of your average days, but you likely remember the days you spent on an emotional mountain top–or in an emotional gutter. Why? Emotional memories leave the deepest imprints.