Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week!

Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a serious crisis to go to waste.” Outstanding customer service doesn’t mean flawless service; instead, it means brilliant responsiveness after something has gone awry. 5 tips to moving irate customers to happy ones.

Ritz-Carlton Engagement on a Ritz Cracker Budget….

You don’t have to have a Ritz-Carlton budget to create Ritz-Carlton customer engagement levels. You can’t expect your employees to treat customers like “Ladies and Gentlemen” if you treat your employees like deadbeats and dirt-bags. Three no-cost employee engagement tips for leaders!

If You Were the Owner…?

If you’re a manager, do more than ask your employees to comply to product standards and protocols. Ask each of your employees to find a special, unique way to engage the customers and create positive memories.

Bad Haircuts and Bad Customer Service

Imagine if you were to enter into a relationship with your employees at work by which employees would interact with their customers with the same level of enthusiasm, passion, and engagement that you gave to your employees. By the way: THEY DO!

How Engaged Employees Act…

I enter the grocery store like a bank robber: I have a list of “demands”, an almost desperate and pained look on my face, and I keep my eyes peeled for the closest route of escape should someone in line in front of me threaten to pay with pennies or whip out a stack of…

If You Were the Customer…?

I’m not a very demanding customer. Which is a flaming lie. I am very demanding. When I’m laying down my pesos, I have customer expectations. The more pesos, the higher my expectations. I even have high expectations when the pesos aren’t mine. I got a gift certificate for Christmas for an online picture framing service….