You Gotta Learn Eventually…(aka, Happy Birthday, Dad)

I’m curious like a cat. That’s why my friends call me Whiskers (Sorry, I’m channeling Will Ferrel when he was channeling Harry Caray). Anyway, it’s true that I’m a curious sort. Even in silly matters, I want answers. Let me give you some silly examples of things that I want to know. Did you know…?…

When Curiosity Does NOT Pay

[The story takes place in Baghdad, Iraq, circa 389 A.D.] “2,387,447,” Yasin counted. “2,387,448,” he continued. “Yasin,” his friend, Anshu, walked up on Yasin in the field and interrupted. “What are you doing?” “Sssh,” Yasin chastened without looking up. “2,387,449. And 2,387,450.” Yasin said as he scratched a number into the ground with a stick….