Thinking About Doing Vs. Doing

As a kid, I hated the very thought of taking a bath. I would stonewall and avoid getting into the tub for as long as I could. But I’ve since learned that thinking about doing something is way more exhausting than actually doing it.

3 Ways You Know Your Boss Stinks

Many people complain that they work for the world’s worst boss, but how do you know if your boss really deserves that title?

Acquiescing: Buzzards Behaving Badly…

You’re going about your day, and someone responds negatively and forcefully to you when you haven’t done anything wrong that you’re aware of. Maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.If you’re like most people, you apologize and backtrack as if you recognize the error of your way. And then later, it may occur to you, “Hey! What did I do? That person jumped down my throat for no good reason!”

Please Pass the Whine

The other day when I was shoveling out from the first snow storm of the season, I was doing some complaining. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. My KIDS were shoveling; I supervised. And I don’t think I complained, but I heard them doing a lot of it. It dawned on me how much some people…

“I suck!”

My teenage daughter didn’t need to give me any additional context in her short, accurate text from the team huddle. I knew exactly what she meant. The first half of her soccer game had been a snoozer, and my girl’s game was off. In fact, no one on her team seemed to make the correlation…