Comparison Kills Contentment

This morning, I saw a fit-looking man as I headed into the barbell area at the gym, and I subtly checked out how much weight he was using for his workout. God help me, and I know what I’m about to say sounds stupid and superficial, but I felt a little superior when I saw that I was lifting much more than this fit-looking young man –That is until I saw the guy behind him, a guy who could not have weighed more than 130 pounds fully dressed and wet, and that skinny, scrawny kid, who appeared to be all hair and bones, was out-lifting me. Do you know what happened to my contentment level at that moment? PFFFFFT!

Little Fiat Syndrome

We often fail to recognize our strengths, either because we make false comparisons between ourselves and others, or we try to copy the talents that others possess. In truth, when we practice our own strengths, it’s likely that others become envious of us.

The Cost of Comparison

I have a problem that I’m too embarrassed to talk about, even with my doctor. I have a condition known as IIS (aka, Inexpensive Import Syndrome), which is similar to its cousin, LMS (Little Man Syndrome). IIS causes the sensation of inferiority whenever I’m in the presence of a superior automobile, and it happens most…