Better Than Heroin

You don’t have to drive into a seedy neighborhood, risking getting shot, robbed, or arrested to get your “fix.” You can get your endorphins pumping without leaving home. How? Exercise, sex, pain, and even eating spicy foods all release endorphins!

Getting Real with Performance Management

Relevant, meaningful performance management doesn’t require the efforts of a human resources department. It just requires a manager who gets the ball rolling by applying these 3 simple tricks of the trade.

I Captured Your King! Chef Nate!

The other day, four-year old Sierra watched as I played chess with Sascha, her seven-year old sister. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s pathetic that I have to play chess with a seven-year old in order to find someone that I can beat. But she’s very good. She started chess lessons when she was…