Pivoting Through Change

Remember when you first realized the pandemic wasn’t going away overnight? I do. I had just returned from visiting a client in MN, and every news outlet warned big changes were coming. As a speaker, trainer, and consultant, I spent about as much time on the road as I did at home. What now? I…

How Leaders Build Trust During Change

Today my wife and consultation business partner, Jocelyn, shares her thoughts on CHANGE as she waits to hear the surgical outcomes for our daughter. I’ve been privileged to sit in boardrooms with C-level (CEO, CFO, CIO) leaders as they discuss upcoming or ongoing changes. It’s our job to advise them on change communications and engagement…

Communication in Times of Change / Crisis

Even the best leaders and organizations struggle with communication. Add organizational change or a crisis, and matters get worse quickly. What do leaders need to do better when business as usual becomes anything but usual? [If you prefer learning via video instead of reading, watch below] I’ve coached executives and consulted with organizations on change…

Resilience in Times of Change

When a crisis (like COVID-19) takes over every news story, it’s easy to become full of gloom-n-doom. But don’t stay stuck. Your energy follows your focus. So look for the upside. Because there is always an upside. For example, I’ve been wanting to launch more content using video and podcasts, but I’ve never found the…

How We Breathe Life into Others!

Scott didn’t tell me what the Client Relationship Manager does at Spiritus Communications; instead, he showed me. Just as his message breathed life into me that rainy day, we strive to breathe life into the spirit of every client we are fortunate enough to serve.

Quit Stalling: How to Stop Procrastinating

Call it procrastination or work-avoidance. We all have some form of it. I offer 5 TIPS as a former, world-class procrastinator on how to quit stalling and start getting things done NOW…

Taking Your Dream Vacation

3 TIPS to taking a dream vacation. And in case this doesn’t jump out at you, the same tips apply to building happiness the other 50 weeks of the year.

Little Things…Big Differences

Ever get so caught up in the big things that you lose sight of the little things that deepen your relationships and make you a better, happier person?

Thriving in Change & Beating the Cold

A helpful change reality: Once we come through a challenging time, the strength we’ve acquired will last much longer than the chill of the moment.