Preparing for the Post-Crisis Crisis

COVID-19 has evolved into a pandemic the likes of which have not been seen for a hundred years. And as difficult as this crisis has been on the physical and emotional health of people across the globe, it’s also creating an economic crisis. Trying to balance physical safety with economic rebuilding, some companies are reopening…

The Poisonous Stick Interpretation

The other day on a hike, I jumped out of my skin when I came across a stick that had the same coloration and shape of a copperhead. Obviously, I could only interpret that observation as any sane person would: the stick, wishing to protect itself, used a camouflage design to resemble a deadly snake….

Thriving in Change & Beating the Cold

A helpful change reality: Once we come through a challenging time, the strength we’ve acquired will last much longer than the chill of the moment.

“Nothing Ever Stays the Same”

My grandmother had a favorite saying for any given situation: “Nothing ever stays the same.” She could apply this statement broadly, and the meaning would vary based on the circumstance. It might be positive, like “Thank goodness things don’t stay the same or people would still die of preventable diseases!” The next time, it might…