August is Happiness Month!

August is HAPPINESS MONTH, so my friends at HR C-Suite asked me to submit a couple of thoughts for their publication. Many people fail to understand that happiness, like misery, is a choice. There is no “happiness gene” or “happiness diet” or “happiness secret sauce.” Positive psychology research, though, has uncovered some tips that we can apply to tap into and create our own happiness.

Put a Cork in It!

You are not only NOT the judge and jury, you are NOT the prosecuting attorney, either! So just LET IT GO!

Happiness: Schedule Some!

It doesn’t matter if you’re striving for a crown of righteousness, shooting to win 72 virgins, craving a couple of hours to read a good book, or longing for a summer vacation, it’s easier to pull ourselves through the tough parts of today when we are holding on to the promise of something that makes us happy tomorrow.