Developmental Editing Testimonials

“I’d been warned that the editing of a book was a tough process. I guess those people did not have Jocelyn as their editor. Her insights, edits, and questions enabled my book to become an international bestseller. I highly recommend Jocelyn for anyone wanting to get their books published and polished. I cannot imagine writing without Jocelyn in my corner.”—Laura Steward, award-winning #1 international bestselling author, What Would a Wise Woman Do? Questions to Ask Along the Way

“Jocelyn was a dream to work with. She helped move my book along when I really needed guidance to finish it. She’s an exceptional writer and editor and gets excited about the topics she’s involved with. I’d highly recommend her for any of your own publications.”—Jason Weaver, Tech CEO, author of Manager’s Guide to Online Marketing

“Man, did I hit the jackpot. Hiring Jocelyn as my editor for my first solo book couldn’t have been a better match. Her expertise as an editor was complemented with promotional knowledge, familiarity with the adjunct skills a new book author would need to advance the book into the market, and her generous spirit of making introductions to other relevant services and authors that helped me. Start with her when you need help with your book, article, chapter, or blog, and you’ll wind up comparing all the others to Jocelyn.”—Bruce Hazen, author of Answering the Three Career Questions

“If you are looking for a top-notch writer or editor, you need to hire and work with Jocelyn. She is a subject-matter expert who hits the mark consistently. I have worked with Jocelyn for more than three years now on a wide variety of high-level publishing assignments, books, and projects, and more—she makes everything I do look even better—every time! I highly recommend Jocelyn for your next important project.”—Anne Bruce, author of 22 books in leadership and self help

“My experience with Jocelyn was superb. She took the time to not only edit my book but to offer structural tweaks that made a difference to my final version. She was always pleasant and professional during the entire process, offering to give input on my book title, inconsistencies, and improve prose when needed. She was a terrific member of my book development team and I highly recommend her services.” –Gary C. L.

“Working with Jocelyn was one of the most enjoyable parts of writing my book. It was written over a span of years at nights and on weekends (when I got opportunities outside of work and raising 4 kids). It was fascinating to get her feedback and thoughts, bringing together different ideas, eliminating redundancies and streamlining the flow issues that naturally developed in the process of writing the book over a span of years. Highly recommend her – she is incredible to work with.” Dr. Brian K

“Jocelyn is an excellent editor. She is professional, knowledgeable, and she has great insight. I wanted an editor that didn’t just say you need to rework a particular section, but one that offered ideas on how something might be said in a more cohesive or topical way. Bottom line I highly recommend Jocelyn’s work. If you need a great editor that is really insightful, she’s your person. ” –Dr. Jeanne M.

“Jocelyn has been great during the entire process. She is full of information and edits with grace. She asks questions and points out where things don’t make sense and has lots of contacts in different areas for self publishing. I would definitely work with her again.” –Cyndi F.

“I really enjoyed working with Jocelyn and knew immediately I had found the perfect person to help me with my first book. Communication was timely and her advice found the right balance between encouragement, guidance and challenge. A very positive experience in every sense.” –David W.

“Jocelyn is the consummate professional with her approach to working with new authors such as myself. She offers clear, concise advice while also motivating me to learn from the experience. Some authors struggle with the challenges of being critiqued, requiring editors to embrace a style of thoughtful, constructive comment delivery. Jocelyn does this extremely well. I highly recommend her for her style, patience and professionalism.” —Tom Harrison

“I am so glad I chose Jocelyn to work with me as a developmental editor with my first book. I had contacted ten other editors and from her first response to my query, I knew I had found the one who could help me. She covered all bases and gave me a clear vision of how to proceed with several different options. I decided to go chapter by chapter with her as I didn’t really know what I was doing. She guided me every step of the way and helped me become a better writer all the way to the finish line. I am just a couple of months away from publishing now. I could write more, but suffice to say, I will be asking for her help again on my second book.” —Joe Delmastro

“Jocelyn was wonderful to work with. Her edits and comments were constructive and encouraging. As a new author, I felt like I was in great hands. I hope to work with her on my next books as well!” —Brandon Moore

“I was very lucky the day I found Jocelyn. After my first book, I knew the value of a trusted advisor for editing. Jocelyn has been so consistent from day one. She’s not likely to get caught up in my short-term enthusiasm; rather she’s singularly focused on the proper result. This book is dramatically improved because of her guidance. Jocelyn is a great editor. Her insight, intuition and practical approach was very helpful for me to achieve my finished product. She’s accurate, considerate, tactful, well prepared and well planned. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to work with a true professional.” —Dan Mann

“I mentioned to Jocelyn the other day that working with her was like taking my car in to have it detailed. When I go to pick it up, I still recognize my car, but it is oh so shiny and fresh. I’m consistently amazed at the quality of her comments and suggestions, that she gets what I’m trying to say and the way she is helping me make the writing more accessible and the flow more logical. Jocelyn can tell you where you go off track in the nicest ways and she is so specifically and abundantly encouraging. As an editor she is rigorous; as a coach, she is persistent; and always she is kindness and professionalism woven together. I have no doubt the quality of the finished product will be well beyond what I am capable of doing on my own.” —Audie Carnevale

“I could not have chosen a better editor for my memoir! Jocelyn is incredibly thorough and took the book to new heights. Her industry knowledge was invaluable and greatly aided me as I navigated the trials and tribulations as a first time author. Your book will be in great hands as Jocelyn as your editor!!” —Diego Espinoza

“Jocelyn is an amazing editor and just an amazing person overall! I am so grateful she took on my project as this was the first book I have ever written. Jocelyn invests in her clients from day one. She really listened to me throughout the editorial process and gave incredible guidance and support for my writing. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her…my book would not have been brought to life without her. I look forward to working with Jocelyn again!” —Colleen Cody

“Perhaps the most important partner in your book publication is between the author and the editor. You need your editor to care about your topic as much as you do. You need a strong communicator and, as uncomfortable as it is sometimes, you need a patient teacher. That’s Jocelyn. By the time my book was sent to Jocelyn it had been reviewed over a dozen times and edited by myself a couple of times. I thought it was a pretty good book, but knew it would benefit from a good edit. After months of work, emails and texts, the book is far better and was immediately picked up by my publisher. They even noted how well it flowed. In publishing, choosing a solid, dependable editor is crucial to success. Read Jocelyn’s bio. If you feel she’s a good fit for your project, she will not disappoint.” —John Ross

“My book, Touched by the Music: How the Story and Music of “Rachel’s Song” Can Change Your Life, launched on Amazon this week with great success, #1 New Release in Southern U.S. Biographies and in the top ten sales rank in two other categories. Jocelyn’s content editing really contributed to the book’s readability. Feedback from readers has been five star. The proof of the quality of the work lies in the success of the book.” —Dave Combs

“Jocelyn is simply amazing. She puts so much effort into her work, and she treats your book as if it was hers. What I loved most about Jocelyn and our collaboration is that she challenged me to dig deeper. She knew there was more to be said, and expanded my reach within my own story. If you are looking for someone to trust. Who cares about your book the way that you do. Who will challenge you to reach when there’s more to be said. Look no further. Thank you Jocelyn for everything!” —Cole McKenzie

“Jocelyn was a wonderful editor to work with for my first-ever book. She was able to maintain high-quality work while meeting my tight deadlines. She has a great eye for details, plenty of patience and a great intuition. When my writing was confusing she was able to quickly pick up the meaning behind it in a way that she was able to get out the best of what I wanted to say but couldn’t explain. In addition to her editing qualities, she was able to continuously support me with empathy and reinforce my vision based on her experience. Jocelyn hasn’t only been a great developmental editor but also an advisor and supporter of my mission.
I couldn’t be grateful enough.” —Ilenia Vidili

“I enjoyed working with Jocelyn. I really appreciated her comments and contribution to the book. I would hire her again if needed.” —Ralph van Roosmalen

“As a first-time author, I didn’t know what to expect from an editor–but I didn’t expect the comprehensive value that Jocelyn brings to the table! She’s a coach, cheerleader, technician, and overall motivator to write better. Her feedback and reasoning is reinforced with details and examples. A real professional and a friendly communicator. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!” —Brad Bujnowski

“This is the second project I have worked on with Jocelyn, and as with last time, she has helped me develop my manuscript to its fullest potential. Jocelyn has got a great eye for all types of book editing, but I found that her developmental editing most useful for what I needed. Jocelyn helped me ensure that my stories flowed and made sense to the reader. Her comments have given me her own professional insights and truly what I needed before publishing.—Luciana Houteit

“Jocelyn Carbonara began our collaboration with a detailed questionnaire that proved thorough and a good indicator of my needs. She did not do a sample edit which, I now know, was not necessary. At her request, I submitted a writing sample on Reedsy’s quick and easy communication system. As a superlative and timely communicator, Jocelyn always answered questions, clarified, and guided without harshness in her well-constructed reviews. I appreciated the care she demonstrated in keeping my author’s voice intact. Using Track Changes in Microsoft Word, Jocelyn’s corrections, suggestions and comments were easily accessible and accepted or rejected. Her criticisms, direct and kind, encouraged me and indicated she is someone who takes great care in bringing the work before her to the next level.  She met all deadlines and allowed me more time when it was needed. My book is now a polished, well organized piece with exceptional flow and wording, thanks to Jocelyn Carbonara. She earned every penny of her Reedsy fee and, as I pivot from memoir to historical fiction, I will request her services again.” —Violet Batejan

“Jocelyn is outstanding. I’ve already recommended her to two colleagues. Thorough with keen insights; a critical thinker with good bedside manner. She is an experienced editor – full stop, but you also get a coach with just the right balance of tough love and encouragement.” —Bruce Williamson

 “You are making a mistake… if you don’t hire Jocelyn! Look no further, because you have got yourself an exceptional editor with Jocelyn. She pours her heart out in the material and gets intimately involved with the author. Thorough doesn’t begin to describe how thorough Jocelyn is with her work. She is vested in your success. Jocelyn was in touch throughout the editing phase letting me know her thoughts, and completion date. In the second round of edits she beat her deadline by several days. Jocelyn is a stickler for Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) and will edit the writing to look professional. This is the second book I’ve written and if I write any more, I know who my editor will be. It’s unfortunate that [this] doesn’t allow more than 5 stars in the rating, because that’s what Jocelyn deserves.” —Niyati Tamaskar

“I had an idea for my book, but had no prior knowledge of how the process went from writing to publishing. Jocelyn exceeded all my expectations and was great to work with! She really helped elevate my writing to a level that I was proud to share. I would recommend Jocelyn for any step of the writing process that you may need help with!” —D.T. Dubs

“If I could give Jocelyn 6 stars I would. Let me explain. In searching for an editor, I was looking for a person could amplify my voice, challenge my approach to make the book better, and a person who was as passionate about the content as I was. With Jocelyn, I found all this and more–she consistently offered new ideas to make the book better. For example, during the project she had been cleaning her refrigerator (obviously, non-editing related) and an idea came to her and she emailed me. I love the fact that the book was top of mind even when she wasn’t editing. Bottom line: Jocelyn had a major impact on my manuscript and it was awesome working with her!” —Eric Bowe

“I am very satisfied with Jocelyn’s work. She is communicative, meaning quick responses to emails, and is available for questions. Her work is both professional and personal in that she offered ideas and suggestions for publishing based on her own experience as well as market demands. I feel fortunate to have acquired her services after working with two other editors. Jocelyn is far above them.” —Cathryn V

“Jocelyn is a fantastic editor. very professional and guides you every step of the way. She causes you to think outside of the box, and gives exceptional advice. Her editing is clear, concise and she is very very responsive. I felt extremely delighted to have completed my manuscript after her editing. Working with Jocelyn has been exceptional. She is extremely professional, provides quality that far exceeded my expectation ,and the value is great. She continues to be very responsive and supportive throughout the project. ” —Claire Joseph

“Jocelyn’s review of my proposal was incredibly thorough and thoughtful. I felt she held my work, as an inexperienced writer, to the standards of a true professional and my efforts are the better for it.” —McKenna Sweazey

“I have nothing but good things to say. The process was very seamless and the end result was fantastic.” —Jeremy Clarke

“Jocelyn was everything I hoped for in an editor. This is my first book, and quite frankly, I didn’t even know what to ask for! Jocelyn was so patient and guided me through the editing process with clear explanations on everything we needed to do to make my book the best it could be. She even answered a few questions I had after our contract had ended! Any writer would be lucky to work with her, she is so talented. Thank you, Jocelyn!” —Cynthia Olsen

“Jocelyn has been fantastic to work with and I couldn’t be happier to have chosen her. If you choose her, you will not regret it – she is unbelievably good at what she does and really, really cares about her work. I thank her for her thorough and detailed feedback, but most importantly for making me believe in myself as a writer. I will definitely be staying in touch and potentially working with her again! Jocelyn you are great!” —Luciana Houteit

“Very informative and knowledgeable on helping me tell my story.” —Alex Dikr

“Jocelyn helped me so much! This was my first book so I needed a lot of guidance. She knew what I needed and helped turn my book into something I can publish. She is very prompt and detailed. I would highly recommend her for a project.” —Kate Lueras

“Jocelyn was wonderful to work with. She not only took my starting point – a pretty good manuscript – and turned it into a great one, but she also provided a lot of extra feedback along the way which helped the manuscript rise up to become an even better work. I highly recommend Jocelyn as an editor for your project.” —Kevin Vought

 “Working with Jocelyn was a breeze. She was able to complete the final round of copyedits on a short timeline. All her work was done super efficiently- no delay in start or finish. Communication was always easy (and delightful.) She is VERY GOOD at what she does. I was cavalier about needing a copyeditor, and I can’t believe her eye for tidying things up. I am super impressed with her skill and professionalism. I highly recommend Jocelyn!” —Morgan Bricca

“Jocelyn has been incredible with the editing of my non-fiction book. She has offered valuable advice, amazing edits and great answers to my many questions. I am very happy with my decision in choosing Jocelyn to work with! Everything she has helped me with has been much appreciated. If I am to write any more books in the future, I will not hesitate to work with Jocelyn again!” —Sean Laughlin

“Mrs. Carbonara was an absolute pleasure to work with. She really spent her time evaluating and engaging in my book. I am super happy I chose to work with her. She is such a hard worker and she provided so much insight that helped my book become even better. Honestly, if it wasn’t for her, my book wouldn’t be as updated and professional. She really knows what she is doing, and for anyone that is looking for an editor, I recommend Mrs. Carbonara first. She not only sends you emails with what work needs to be done, she also treats you like you’re family and she is such a kind woman. I will never forget this opportunity that I had to work with her, and I look forward to working with her again in the future with my future books.” —Jordan Salzano

“Jocelyn was AMAZING to work with, timely, great communication, right-on-point contributions to the work. She caught so much in the development edit that it made the rest of the process smooth. She was a great pleasure to work with, and I would absolutely use her to do other works of mine, and recommend her to anyone. Are there ten stars available?” —Stephen Downey

“Jocelyn and her husband Scott were an absolute pleasure to work with. With their experience, intellect and work ethic, It’s hard to imagine that you can find anyone better for the job of editing and ghost writing. We will be working with both Jocelyn and Scott again in the near future!” —Mitchell B. Shelton

“Jocelyn was great. She kept me informed and help my book be better. I plan on using her in the future when my next book is ready for editing.” —John Thalheimer

“Excellent work and dedication. Definitely recommend. Excellent job and fun to work with.” —Schirra S.

“Jocelyn was so great to work with. Her comments, questions, and edits on my manuscript were thoughtful, helpful, and kind. Communication was excellent throughout the process. I’m quite sure that my memoir is immeasurably better because of her editorial eye. I’ll definitely work with her again. Highly recommend!” —Jenny Lisk

“Jocelyn was fantastic to work with. I had completed one thorough edit prior to working with her, yet she still pushed me in areas of my writing that made a significant difference in the end. She is attentive, responsive, and very inquisitive throughout her process. I appreciated her candor and willingness to speak personally to help strengthen my manuscript. I’m thankful to connect with such a great talent.” —Kasey Lynn

“Jocelyn is wonderful to work with, so wonderful in fact this was our second project, with plans for more collaboration. I trust Jocelyn’s wisdom and insight and I feel that she truly hears what I am trying to accomplish and provides me the appropriate guidance for my situation. I look forward to continuing to work with Jocelyn as I progress through my work.” —Nicolette Moore

“Jocelyn was amazing to work with. It is my first poetry collection and she made me feel so confident in my work. She was timely, professional and genuinely kind and caring. I will work with Jocelyn again!” —Heather Milligan

“Jocelyn was the consummate professional. She edited with the understanding of my voice and my goals and it shows in the final draft. She coaxed me and encouraged me to think more creatively. As a first time author, I highly recommend Jocelyn. You won’t regret it!” —Yolanda Spearman

“Jocelyn was absolutely incredible to work with. She provided me with exactly what I wanted and more. She is an incredibly talented writer and editor and I would recommend her to anybody looking. She made the experience of writing and publishing a book so smooth and I couldn’t have asked for somebody better in this whole process.” —Elizabeth Thayne

“As a novice, I wasn’t sure what to expect in the editing process. Jocelyn was incredibly helpful, kind, patient, and gave me clear direction and guidance even before she received a dime from me. She helped me to navigate this process so I could feel more secure moving forward, which gave me a sense from the beginning that she would be a gem to work with.
And I was right. Jocelyn was very flexible to my needs, took time to understand my project (my work is not your standard manuscript), and provided comprehensive insight into what I could work on to improve my draft, what was working, and ways to move forward to make this project the best it could be. I would say my time spent with Jocelyn was priceless. She made me feel capable, competent, and encouraged that as a novice I still could make my dream come to life and serve the world. I am excited to move forward with my project, and I look forward to continuing to work with Jocelyn as I navigate the next steps and move toward a final polished product. —Nicolette 

“Jocelyn was so thorough in making the necessary edits and proofreading needed for my manuscript and gave me helpful tips to assist me in future writing projects. She truly caught the vision and message I desired to convey and I look forward to working with her again.” —Tracy Gilbert