A book is not only a major lifetime accomplishment and means of sharing your story or philosophies with others, but it can also help tremendously in your branding. What better way to share your personal or organizational story than to provide clients and customers with a book they can read, pass along, and refer to over and over again? If you are a speaker or entrepreneur, your book also serves to increase your revenue and exposure, while refining your message and expanding your platform. (We also help with branding your message through websites, videos, and other media, see our Branding/Communications page for more.)

Do you need help fleshing out a book idea? Or do you have a manuscript that you’ve looked at so long that you’ve lost the ability to know where it needs additional development? Spiritus’s two principals know the publishing industry well. Scott is a published author and ghostwriter; Jocelyn is a regular book contributor, editor, and ghostwriter. You will have personalized contact with our principals along the way, who serve as project managers and strategic partners. Here are some details on publishing services provided; or contact us for a specific quote that will cover exactly what you need as well as a free questionnaire to help you get clear on your direction:


If you aren’t sure how to write your story, let us help you. We can record interviews with you, utilizing any written material you already have, and put it into book form, using your voice. You will be the author, and we will be completely anonymous. Our authors receive unsolicited five-star reviews with phrases like, “amazing story, well written, truly captivating, couldn’t put it down” and are best-sellers. Contact us for a quote.

Developmental Editing

After an initial consult to define your desired direction, this involves reading your material deeply and intuitively, with a mind for major and minor improvements. You will receive your manuscript back with detailed comments, and changes in “track changes” so you can approve or reject them. You will receive phone consultation time to discuss any questions, needs, or concerns you have along the way. Our developmental editing services are renowned. Whether you are already a fluid writer, or can’t easily put two words together on paper, we are confident we can help. See our editing process here.


Once the manuscript content is in place, this phase involves line by line reading for accuracy before it goes to the printer, or when it appears in proof form (because mistakes can sometimes enter as the manuscript changes hands to designer, printer, etc.).


Some authors need one-on-one help to “pull out” their stories. We can arrange for weekly sessions to help you get started or finished with your manuscript.

Layout/Cover Design

Once your manuscript is done, we can help you with layout and cover design. Contact us for a quote.

Self Publishing Start-up Package

We will obtain your ISBN, barcode, Amazon placement, and everything you need to sell online. We will also provide you with a short author bio, and book description for marketing purposes. (Actual book editing separate.)

Author Representation

We can help you prepare your manuscript for a major publisher, reach out to targeted publishers or agents in your niche, and help secure your contract.

Partial List of Books Edited:

  • Off Center- by Randy Grimes, former NFL center (in production, 2020)
  • Getting It Right in the Moments that Matter- by Tony Gambill and Scott Carbonara (in production, 2020)
  • The Corelands- by David Wildermann (in production, 2020)
  • The Green Glow- by Emily Pace (in production, 2020)
  • Paint Won’t Cover that Stain– by Scott Carbonara (in production, 2020)
  • The Forests’ Gifts -by Linda Scheet (in production, 2020)
  • An Uncommon Path– by Wayne Pollard (in production, 2020)
  • Pure Heart Leadership- by Shana Garrett (2019)
  • Mythical Meby Richella Parham (2019)
  • The Modern Masquerade- by Toria Leigh (2018)
  • The High-Performing Leader- by Heidi Pozzo (2018)
  • The ABCs of the Customer Journey- by Hank Hoffmeier (2018)
  • From Dope to Hopeby Tim Ryan (2017)
  • Building Your Best Financial Banana Split- by Bruce Rowland (2017)
  • Facilitation Made Easy– by Mary Tomlinson (2016)
  • Multiple fantasy books in development by Debra Hodges (2014-present)
  • Zest Your Life- by Linda Babulic (2015)
  • The Instant Energy Method- by Alan Ting (2015)
  • Keep It Simple Selling- by Damian Boudreaux (2015)
  • The 24-Hour Woman– by Cheryl Liew (2014)
  • The Three Career Questions– by Bruce Hazen (2013)
  • Manager’s Guide to Online Marketing– by Jason Weaver (McGraw Hill 2013)
  • The Last Tipi– by Kris Landry (2013)
  • God, Me, and My Hula Hoop– by Mary Reisberg (2013)
  • Change: If I Can, You Can– by Travis Angry (Morgan James 2013)
  • Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement– by Scott Carbonara (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • Manager’s Guide to Change Management– by Stephen Rock (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • Go Positive: Lead to Engage by Sam Glenn, Doug McKinney, and Scott Carbonara (Pfeiffer 2012)
  • Leaders: Start to Finish– by Anne Bruce (ASTD 2012)
  • Manager’s Guide to Motivating Employees, 2nd Ed by Anne Bruce (McGraw Hill 2012)
  • What Would a Wise Woman Do?– by Laura Atchison (Morgan James 2012)
  • Fired Up Employees– by Aric Bostick (iUniverse 2012)
  • Stop Workplace Drama– by Marlene Chism (Wiley 2011)
  • The Amazing Mirror by Sebastian Oros and Doug McKinney (2010)
  • Kick in the Attitude– by Sam Glenn (Wiley 2010)
  • Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?– by Sam Glenn (2009)
  • Firsthand Lessons Secondhand Dogs– by Scott Carbonara (2008)
  • Don’t Throw Underwear on the Table by Scott Carbonara (2008)
  • Fishsticks and Positive Jumps– by Sam Glenn (2009)
  • and many more

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