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Bio (long version):

Scott Carbonara is passionate and skilled in engaging a company’s greatest asset: its people. He is a highly-engaging keynote speaker, trainer, author, and consultant who “brings authentic leadership to life from the boardroom to the family room.” Scott is known as “The Leadership Therapist” for his diverse professional portfolio–ranging from serving as an award-winning family crisis counselor–to executive director of communications and change management and eventually executive chief-of-staff of a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company. While there, he addressed a skyrocketing 38% attrition rate and, through digging beyond the surface, led his team in reducing it to an unprecedented 6.5%–saving his company millions of dollars. Scott’s dual background in counseling and executive leadership makes him a highly-skilled, passionate communicator and problem solver who provides direction to diverse teams ranging in size from 1 to 100,000. Scott has received high reviews for his keynote speaking for such esteemed groups as  AT&T Global, Wal-Mart, and numerous healthcare systems, and he is the author of several books including A Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement (McGraw Hill). Through his humorous and practical keynotes, customized consulting, and story-driven books, he breathes life into leadership topics including employee engagement, culture, change management, communication, customer service, and happiness. Visit his website at

Bio (short version):

Scott Carbonara is a keynote speaker, author, and consultant who is passionate about engaging a company’s greatest asset: its people. Known as “The Leadership Therapist” for his diverse background–from serving as an award-winning crisis counselor, to executive chief-of-staff of a multi-billion-dollar company—Scott has spoken for such esteemed groups as AT&T Global, Wal-Mart, multiple healthcare systems, and the federal government. He is the author of several leadership books including Getting It Right When It Matters Most. Scott breathes life into topics including employee engagement, change management, customer service, and mental health.

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Pre-Event Questionnaire:

Click here for Scott’s Pre-Event Questionnaire to help him better customize his talk to your theme and needs.

A/V Requirements:

Scott requests a lavalier microphone (or wireless handheld if no lavalier is available), projector, screen, and back-up laptop. If the room is large enough and Scott is delivering an interactive, training session, he requests a second handheld microphone for audience participation. If he will be conducting a book signing, he requests a table from 4′ to 8′ preferably to be placed in the back of the room or just outside of the room where he is speaking.


Click here for Scott’s Introduction to use at events.

Press Kit:

Click here for Scott’s Press Kit.

Media Interviews/Articles:

Scott Carbonara is an expert interview subject on the topic of authentic leadership from the boardroom to the family room. His message can be tailored towards change management, communication, employee engagement, customer service, and mental health in the workplace. He has many articles on these subjects available for immediate publication. For articles, speech requests, or interview queries, please contact:

Spiritus Communications, Inc.

Jocelyn Carbonara

via the contact form.


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