Scott Carbonara: Engaging Healthcare Today

Got Change?


As a healthcare leader, patient care is your highest priority. But everything around you constantly changes—between industry reform and the latest merger. Keeping leaders and employees aware, aligned, and engaged around the same strategic goals becomes your constant challenge.

Need Engagement?

Amidst burnout and fear of “what’s next,” employees often feel like they are the last to know what’s on the horizon. This leads them feeling insecure—and often unwilling or unable to give their all.

As leaders, you need tools not only to engage these employees—but also to build an engagement culture as your key service differentiator in the ever-changing marketplace—so that patients and their families know the difference when they enter your facility. Make engagement your new constant.stthomas

Why Scott? Beyond Survival…

Scott is not just another author and talking-head on the subject; Scott’s lived change and led executive teams to embrace change—and even to thrive in it.

  • As a healthcare provider, Scott served as a crisis counselor for the most at-risk youth and their families. He learned how to engage people who didn’t want to be engaged, at the pinnacle of crises, earning him Family Therapist of the Year for the State of Michigan.
  • As a healthcare executive, Scott served in a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization where he implemented employee and customer engagement initiatives through multiple mergers, eventually becoming chief-of-staff of internal operations with over 13,000 employees.
  • As a healthcare speaker and consultant, Scott serves as CEO of Spiritus Communications where he develops healthcare leaders looking to build engagement into their culture so the results are evident to every employee, patient, and family. Scott offers highly customized keynotes, workshops, retreats, executive coaching, assessments, and more. See sample keynote/workshop topics below.

Contact Scott today to learn how he can help take your culture through the next change—ensuring that your organization thrives.

“It is rare to find a speaker who connects with the entire audience but Scott Carbonara did exactly this! 100% of our evaluations had positive comments and reviews from Scott’s energetic and moving presentation. Scott was able to provide a burst of fresh air and re-energize our conference attendees!”
–Don Miller, Community Medical Center, Past President–MT Healthcare Finance Management Association

Most Requested Topics

TOPIC #1: Leading in Times of Change: Thriving in Uncertainty

You could spend a lifetime mastering any one of the changes facing in healthcare industry today. But don’t. Because as soon as you master the latest crises du jour, another one will take its place. Instead, learn how to engage during change so you can effectively lead no matter what challenge and transition you encounter. People look to leaders for answers when the ground starts to shake from the latest implementation, funding crisis, or regulatory mandate. Are you prepared to engage yourself—and then engage others—so you can succeed regardless of any obstacle? Learn some key lessons found in positive psychology about how to engage by investing in the people-side of change:

  • Why acceptance is not the desired end state during change
  • How to foster a culture that thrives through change
  • Five practical tools to staying resilient through change

TOPIC #2: Engagement Starts with You

Whether your goal is to increase your personal engagement as a leader, maximize the engagement of your team, navigate change, or improve the culture with which you face your customers—this humorous, uplifting, practical, research-and-story-based session inspires audiences to reignite by using Scott’s W.H.I.P. philosophy (What you Have In your Possession). Scott challenges the standard definitions of success and happiness, and shares 5 concrete tools rooted in positive psychology to help create sustainable positivity and performance—while spreading it to others. Learn to master the energy you and your team bring to the workplace and life—for increased results. As a result of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the connection between discretionary effort and engagement
  • Gain resilience in the face of adversity and challenges
  • Spread engagement using 5 simple tools

TOPIC #3: Get PSST! Igniting Employee Passions

The best leaders take personal engagement seriously, and they know how to spread engagement throughout their teams. How do you do more with less? How do you keep employees focused on the mission of the organization even when other things are in transition? How do you form new teams so that each member feels like they are part of something bigger than themselves as individuals? How do you align the hearts, heads, and hands of employees so they become strong ambassadors for your organization? Let me give you a hint: you don’t scream into a megaphone and demand it! Instead, you do this: “PSST!” That’s the sound you make when you are trying to get the attention of one person. Engagement can only spread through a large organization if the engagement efforts of the leader get Personal, Strengths-based, Social, and Targeted with each employee. In this session, leaders will:

  • Learn ways to accelerate knowing what makes your employees tick and what makes them show up each day;
  • Discover how to position people into their areas of strength so they happily, willingly maximize their performance
  • Grasp what makes social media so popular—and then learn how to bring those best-practices into their own workplace; and
  • Know what 3 “targets” must be hit in order to build a world-class team and organization

TOPIC #4: Coaching for Performance Excellence

For years, Scott provided one-on-one coaching for leaders, and over time he saw a trend: most leaders hadn’t been taught a simple, practical coaching method that could be applied universally to a variety of people performance issues. Partnering with training and behavioral change leaders, Scott developed this highly customizable, interactive program contains the must have concepts required for anyone who chooses to lead others. Using a proven behavioral model linked to adult learning methodologies, Scott takes leaders on a journey designed to help them maximize employee performance. During the workshop, leaders will learn:

  • Why people do what they do
  • What motivates and discourages people
  • How to clarify expectations of others
  • How to catch someone doing it right
  • Dealing with undesired performance and behaviors
  • Maximizing desired performance and behavior

TOPIC #5: Patient Care Beyond the Checklist

Learn how to provide passionate care and service that falls outside the checklist you learned in your healthcare-specific training.