“I had been warned that the editing of a book was a tough process. I guess those people did not have Jocelyn as their editor. Her insights, edits and questions enabled my book to become an international bestseller. I highly recommend Jocelyn for anyone wanting to get their books published and polished. I cannot imagine writing without Jocelyn in my corner.”–Laura Atchison, author of What Would a Wise Woman Do?

Jocelyn Carbonara is a trained, highly-experienced editor and ghostwriter who has edited dozens of books over the past two decades, including in areas of business/leadership, self-help, spiritual/religion, creative non-fiction, and fiction. Her original writing has been published in magazines including the internationally-acclaimed Real Leaders and more. She has edited books for authors published by McGraw Hill, John Wiley & Sons, Intervarsity Press, Morgan James, and more. Jocelyn has a passion for prose and an eye for clear communications, so every piece she edits is read with a mind to improve both the whole book, and each sentence therein.

Jocelyn offers more than just editing. She personally takes ownership of your manuscript to ensure that it is fully optimized to tell your story in your voice, and ultimately reach your readers. In addition, as an entrepreneur and business consultant in leadership and communications to successful companies around the globe (see clients), she will help you explore or pursue options for publishing and marketing your book once it’s done. As one client explains, “Jocelyn is more than just an editor. She is a business partner.”

Upon contract, the typical editing process works as follows:

Phase I, Developmental Editing- This revision phase involves a “deep read” wherein Jocelyn not only edits the copy, but also makes suggestions for rearranging, adding, or eliminating content if necessary. She uses the “track changes” feature in Word so you can accept or decline her edits. She also leaves numerous “coaching” comments throughout the manuscript–highlighting areas of strength, asking for clarity on areas that need it, and making suggestions to improve the book. She can ghostwrite transitions, case studies, and more as needed/requested. This phase is known as “developmental editing.”

Phase II, Copy editing- Once an author has reviewed the edits made in Phase I, and approved/declined changes, as well as added copy where appropriate, Jocelyn edits the manuscript again–paying close attention to additions, and refining manuscript to fit Chicago Style or other publishing guidelines. This phase is known as “copy editing.”

Phase III, Proofreading- An optional proofreading phase by another party occur, per your request.

Partial List of Books Edited:

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