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Throughout every phase of interaction, we calibrate our deliverables to your needs. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all; instead, they are customized to your culture and delivered by senior executive consultants.

Why Spiritus?

We invite you to compare us to other firms. Led by speaker and author Scott Carbonara and communications strategist Jocelyn Carbonara, only Spiritus has such deep expertise in these three crucial business areas:

  • People. We know what motivates and discourages leaders, employees, and customers–and how to drive the right behaviors to achieve your best results.
  • Communications. We are skilled in creating both the tactical (what, when, where) and strategic (why, to what end) messages that matter–having worked with celebrities, best-selling authors, and Fortune 5 organizations to craft books, corporate communications, and media placement in “The Today Show,” Newsweek, Real Leaders magazine, and more.
  • Leadership. We have held senior-level positions–as award-winning crisis counselor, executive chief-of-staff of a multi-billion-dollar healthcare organization, and CEO to a global training organization–to guide your initiative.

How do we inspire your organization?

We recognize that for your team to be effective, each member must understand—and be excited about—your strategic plan. Your people, communications, and leadership practices must be aligned.

Our name, Spiritus, means to inspire or breathe into. We equip leaders, enrich cultures, and elevate lives by:

Our Leadership

Scott Carbonara, CEO

Scott is an award-winning keynote speaker, author, and executive consultant who brings authentic leadership to life from the boardroom to the family room. Scott’s professional portfolio is diverse.

He started his career in crisis counseling, where he worked with some of the most troubled families to find solutions–garnering him a Family Therapist of the Year award for the State of Michigan. From there, he moved on to corporate America, serving as executive director of strategic communications and change management at the nation’s largest non-investor-owned health insurance company, to eventually operating as chief-of-staff of internal operations. While there, he directed a staff through mergers, led the team that reduced a skyrocketing attrition rate from 38% to 6.5%, and created internal and external branding campaigns that are still in use many years later.

Scott is a highly-skilled, passionate communicator and problem solver who’s provided management consulting and leadership direction for teams with up to 13,000 individuals. He is also an international speaker on leadership topics, and the the author of four books–including two employee engagement books published with major publishers. He is a Prosci-certified change management professional. Scott’s deep creativity has come to light through his unique presentations, video production projects, and writing. Scott brings vast corporate leadership experience to SCI, as well as an ability to pinpoint the behaviors that motivate people to act positively. His passion lies in helping organizations and individuals tap into their greatest asset: their people. In his free time, he enjoys photography, hiking, and family.

For more on Scott’s speaking and training, click here.

Jocelyn Carbonara, Founder and COO

Jocelyn started SCI in 1998. Over the past 20 years, her clientele has included organizations ranging from one-man operations to those on the Fortune 5. Jocelyn is passionate about creating and clarifying communications, especially to inspire positive behaviors and outcomes in organizations and communities. She is a Prosci-certified change management professional. She has served as culture consultant and executive coach; editor-in-chief, interviewing celebrities such as Dr. Maya Angelou and Coach Tony Dungy; book agent to publishers including McGraw Hill and Jon Wiley & Sons; editor; and publicist. She has managed start-ups and served as CEO for a successful training company. She has edited and ghostwritten books and employee engagement manuals and written diverse marketing copy for nearly every communications channel in existence. Her passion lies in aligning leaders and organizations to their core values and vision, and helping them dig deep to communicate the messages that matter most. She thrives on finding the perfect words to reflect a client’s vision and optimizing plans to include a greater set of possibilities. Her writing and leadership principles have been written into several books with major publishers. In her free time, Jocelyn values spending time with her family, engaging in the arts, travel, running, and hiking.

Our Corporate Values

Ownership– We are Results-Oriented through hard work, initiative, and teamwork.

Lagniappe*– We are Customer-Centric and operate from an abundance mentality, giving each client our best service, ideas, and dedication. We make your priorities our priorities, and we aim to over deliver every time

Love– We build Lasting Relationships as second nature.

Our Mission

At SCI, our mission is to equip leaders, enrich cultures, and elevate lives.

Contact us today to learn how we can infuse your initiative with oxygen, so you summit every time.

*Lagniappe originated in New Orleans as “something given as an extra.”

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