COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Services: Coaching, Counseling, Consulting

While the world responds to COVID-19, Spiritus Communications has focused its services to help leaders navigate the changes and mental health challenges. (For a recent article on our response to COVID-19, click here.)

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Leadership Coaching, Counseling, Consulting

Known as the Leadership Therapist, Scott Carbonara was an award-winning crisis counselor and executive chief-of-staff of a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company. Today, he is a national resource on the addiction/mental health crisis. He provides one-stop services for both leadership coaching and counseling to help leaders engage their people, navigate change, communicate, and address mental health needs. Contact us today for a free exploratory call or needs assessment. See insightful video about the increased mental health crisis throughout COVID-19.

Crisis/Change Communication

At no time does communication matter more than when employees and customers are stressed–and looking to you for answers. Spiritus can guide you in crafting messages that build trust while informing your stakeholders, employees, and customers of what to expect. Contact us for a free call to answer a specific need or explore how we can help. See video below on crisis communications like that which is required during COVID-19.

Virtual Speaking/Training/ “Motivational Minutes”

Your employees are stressed in this new world, and more than ever, they need hope—and tools to keep them moving forward. We are offering virtual keynote speaking, training, and facilitated sessions by award-winning speaker Scott Carbonara on a range of topics, such as Building Resilience, Engagement, Change Management, Crisis Communications, Mental Health, and Preparing for the Post-Crisis Crisis.

Scott has been delivering live, virtual sessions for years, including for global conferences and clients such as AT&T Global. In addition, he produced pre-recorded virtual trainings for the federal government that reside in their virtual LMS library for ongoing use.

We will work with your preferred virtual platform and time slot—including short meeting openers/ “motivational minutes,” management training sessions, virtual conference keynotes, recorded videos,  and more.

For Scott’s standard topics, click here. Or contact us to customize a topic today.

Authoring Your Story

We’ve partnered with multiple individuals to complete the book they’d always dreamed of writing. In addition to helping you create a story outline, providing editing and proofreading services, and offering ghostwriting expertise, we also can help you get your book into print. Reach out for a free questionnaire or conversation to pinpoint your goals.

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