We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s lonely at the top.” Research backs up that truism. What makes it so lonely is that direct reports and even peers often fear being honest and vulnerable with you out of concern of your judgment or retribution. So when you come forward with your best intentions, degrees from the best business schools, in-depth knowledge of your industry, and years of experience within your organizations, you still have a hard time finding someone to listen to you objectively and speak the truth to you when you need it most.

Coaching is a process designed to improve performance by asking the right questions to help the individual work through their own issues.

We’ve coached individuals from front-line employees to members of the C-suite, customizing our approach based on the individual’s unique needs. Scott has 20+ years experience conducting extensive coaching with executives in healthcare, human resources, and manufacturing; similarly, Jocelyn has done in-depth coaching with leaders and authors in taking the ideas from their heads and getting them into print.

If you are not where you want to be today—whether at home or at work—or you want to accelerate your learning, reach out to see if our coaching services work for you.