Change/Crisis Management

COVID-19 UPDATE: We can offer all services virtually. With vast experience managing crisis communications, engagement, and mental health; and certifications and proven results in organizational change management; let us support you through this time. We can guide your communications and changes to staffing, process, and more–in a way that builds trust and engagement instead of erodes productivity.

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Change/Crisis Management–The People Side of Change

Every change management project needs oxygen along the way.

As a leader, you know why you need to change. The latest crisis has left you unprepared, and you must adjust. Or….Your system is becoming outdated, you need to stay ahead of the next regulation, or your leadership structure is shifting. You even have your blueprint for HOW you will implement your change, and it’s overseen by strong project managers to make sure nothing gets missed.

Unfortunately, even with all of your planning, a gap exists between the current and future state. That gap is the human, emotional, people side of change. And that gap is why:

  • 70% of change projects fail to meet their ROI.

Successful projects integrate project management (the implementation/technical side) and change management (the people side).

At Spiritus, we manage the people side of change, so you can focus on your implementation.

Poorly managed change results in:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Resistance (active or passive)
  • Turnover
  • Loss of customers/clients
  • Slow speed of adopting change/delay in implementation
  • Reverting to the old way of doing things
  • Divide between “us and them”
  • Failure to meet project ROI
  • Abandonment of change
  • Legacy of failed change (“Remember that time they tried to go live with xyz, and no one was ready?”)

Poorly managed change is costly. Change management mitigates that risk.

How Does Change Management Help?

Every organizational change requires that each individual affected is also willing and able to change. This is an emotional, psychological process of helping each individual to accept and get on board with change.

Does your team know why you are changing and what it means to them? Do they know how to change? Even if they do, what will happen when the change is no longer easy? Will they revert back to the old way of doing things—or just complain that their leaders (a.k.a. you) don’t know what they are doing? How will you keep them aligned to your goal when your job (and that of the project manager) involves keeping your eyes on all the moving parts?

Our change management anticipates and addresses problems before they surface–through targeted and customized training, focus groups, coaching, communications, and reinforcement plans. We anticipate areas of resistance and build excitement and hope around your change, while paying special attention to your unique culture. We work with your project manager and executive sponsor to engage people around your change, so that you see your ROI.

  • Every organizational change project requires attention to what makes you strong. Spiritus taps into the strengths of your culture, your business differentiator, your unique imprint in the marketplace–whether in healthcare, manufacturing, technology, government, retail, education, or service.
  • Every project also requires a driver—something pulling you towards the future. Your business driver may be clear–like a need to merge to survive–but your cultural driver may be overlooked–like “we want to remain strong so that we can take care of our employees and patients.” Spiritus helps you clearly define what you are reaching for—and then find the “why” that will help your strongest employees get on board as champions, until the rest follow.
  • We apply Prosci change management methodology (of which we are certified)–the best that change management science has to offer–along with our own proprietary programs and processes. We help you create FAQs and story-based communications to build confidence and trust. We help you educate people on what is changing and reinforce the right behaviors throughout the change.

Scott Carbonara has overseen countless mergers in a multi-billion-dollar organization as an executive chief-of-staff. Jocelyn, has managed communications for multiple startups. We work alongside organizational leaders and project managers, directing the people side of change so you see your ROI. Click here to see our process or contact Spiritus today about your upcoming change.