Unknown Doesn’t Mean Without Impact

I watched the 2021 Presidential inauguration wanting to hear President Biden’s address. As a bonus, I saw the first female Vice President sworn in, heard an amazing rendition of the National Anthem by Lady Gaga, and found myself spellbound as Amanda Gorman recited We Climb the Hill. But, I have to admit, the unknown man…

Your Emotions Drive Your Perspective

My morning started with a healthy perspective where I logged many productive hours before daylight. As a treat, I decided to cook a hardy breakfast. Well, I meant to cook breakfast. What I ended up doing was burning breakfast. As smoke filled the kitchen and my eggs turned to charcoal in the pot, I opened…

Virtual Hashtag (#) Community Challenge

I’ve read a few articles about how people are responding to the COVID-19 crisis within the predictable pattern outlined in the 5 Stages of Grief, (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance). Regardless of what stage you fall into today, I want to challenge you to do something special for yourself on Saturday, July 18th, 2020….

Mental Health and the Post-Crisis Crisis

In the last blog, I wrote about the NEWLY WOKE EMPLOYEES, those working without long commutes and having rediscovered the joy of time with their families. Today, I want to talk about another issue you may face in the COVID-19 crisis, as employees return to work (or even continue working in current stay-at-home conditions): mental…

Wearing My Birthday Suit at Work

I’ve learned that clothes can be stained and crotches can blow out from the end of the zipper to the top of the waistband. So now I just wear my birthday suit at work. And it’s paid off in a HUGE way!

Engagement at a Deathcore Concert

When you’re engaged in your work, whether you lead a rock band, sell tacos out of food truck, or manage a department of accountants, it shows up in how you show up each day

Oh Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say…

We used to sing this song in Sunday school when I was a kid that said, “Oh, be careful little mouth what you say.”
As I evolve as a leader, I’m starting to think that every management meeting should start off with participants singing a few rounds of this song to remember the basics about respect.

How We Breathe Life into Others!

Scott didn’t tell me what the Client Relationship Manager does at Spiritus Communications; instead, he showed me. Just as his message breathed life into me that rainy day, we strive to breathe life into the spirit of every client we are fortunate enough to serve.

Success Secrets from a 1,300 Year-Old Family Business

What are the success secrets to keeping a business in the family…and keeping it successful…beyond one generation? What success secrets are you passing down to the next generation of leadership in your organization?

Expanding the Team: Orientation and “Fit”

Fit is Everything A few months ago, my wife and business partner, Jocelyn, and I knew we needed to expand our team in the upcoming year. Our top priority was finding the right “fit,” especially since ours is a lifestyle business with periods of frequent travel and a blurred line between work and play. Orientation…