The Grinch & the 2nd Grade School Program

When it comes to attending my kids’ school programs, I’m an awful parent. Some parents really get into it. I’m lucky if I show up in matching shoes and pants.

What Leaders Do Differently

I recently interviewed a group of seasoned executive leaders, and I asked them about what successful leaders do differently. Here’s what they told me…

Did You Hear about Sherman Moses?

People gossip all the time. Do you know what gossip is? Do you know why people do it? Do you know how to keep people from talking about the time you laughed so hard you wet your pants?

“Best Product Review Ever!”

I don’t want to dwell on the fact that I apparently have a SUCKER label slapped across my forehead. Instead, let me just share the review I posted on Amazon moments after I used my Pocket Hose for the first and only time:

Acquiescing: Buzzards Behaving Badly…

You’re going about your day, and someone responds negatively and forcefully to you when you haven’t done anything wrong that you’re aware of. Maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.If you’re like most people, you apologize and backtrack as if you recognize the error of your way. And then later, it may occur to you, “Hey! What did I do? That person jumped down my throat for no good reason!”

The Lady in my Smart Phone has a Thing for Me…

Human evolution can’t keep pace with the evolution in technology. Humans appeared in the Stone Age 2.5 million years ago, and we still look and act pretty much the same. Contrast that to the telephone that, in less than 15o years, has gone from fixed, hard-wired devices requiring 1.5 billion miles of cable in the US alone to wireless, anywhere/anytime capabilities. Has the time come when technology can provide better leadership than humans?

Complaints or Compliments

Both complaints as well as compliments get shared, repeated, and acted upon. As a customer, you can choose to register a complaint if you are dissatisfied. But how about you develop a “hair trigger” for dropping compliments when service delights you?