Finding the Truth in Criticism

How do I deal with criticism? I drink. No! Actually, I evaluate the critic and the feedback based on some simple standards. And then I decide if I need to accept it and work on it…or just hear it and keep on going.

5 Tips to Ignite Your Engagement!

By all means, invest in employee engagement activities and programs. But realize that the greatest ROI for your engagement buck is the investment you make in your own personal engagement…and that investment doesn’t cost a penny.

Acquiescing: Buzzards Behaving Badly…

You’re going about your day, and someone responds negatively and forcefully to you when you haven’t done anything wrong that you’re aware of. Maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.If you’re like most people, you apologize and backtrack as if you recognize the error of your way. And then later, it may occur to you, “Hey! What did I do? That person jumped down my throat for no good reason!”

POOF! You’re Invisible!

Today, organizations employ PROBLEM SOLVERS like customer service representatives, mediators, human resource professionals, and arbitrators. All of these roles provide solutions. But a COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT offers only a place to complain, vent, whine, point the finger, belly-ache, and play the victim. Unless your actual job entails spending the day listening to coworkers gripe, here’s what I’m suggesting…

Getting Real with Performance Management

Relevant, meaningful performance management doesn’t require the efforts of a human resources department. It just requires a manager who gets the ball rolling by applying these 3 simple tricks of the trade.

Mastering Your Energy

Research has found that the average person spends 1 hour and 19 minutes each day: (1) angry, (2) in a foul mood, and/or (3) complaining. Over a lifetime, that equates to 3½ years! Since we all possess a finite amount of energy, the solution resides in learning to master our energy.

Finding the Common Denominator

You can always find differences between two groups of people. And if your goal is to sow seeds of discontent, you can use differences to exploit ill-will. But strong leaders find the common denominator and build on areas of commonality.

YOUR CULTURE SUCKS! Stay Tuned for Details….

Former insider Greg Smith called the culture at Goldman Sachs “toxic and destructive” in a recent Op Ed piece in the New York Times. But I want to make this story personal. What it Greg Smith were your employee? What would your Greg Smith say about YOU and your company?

Thou Shalt…Be HAPPY!

In much the same way, traditional psychology has long studied the nature of happiness by dissecting one part of the populace: the most depressed, miserable people in the world. In fact, up until the late 1990s, psychological studies focused on negative-to-positive research themes at a 17:1 ratio!