A Resolve Worth Keeping

You achieve your happiest and highest performing version of yourself the moment you step into your strengths and act upon your purpose.

The Grinch & the 2nd Grade School Program

When it comes to attending my kids’ school programs, I’m an awful parent. Some parents really get into it. I’m lucky if I show up in matching shoes and pants.

Conducting Your Personal Year-End Review

A year-end review helps you determine the source of your greatest joy and pain! If you don’t like where this year took you, good news: you can CHANGE it! And if you like where this year took you, good news: you can REPEAT it!

Joy, Moment by Moment

Have you ever gone shopping at a crowded department store after a long day to buy clothes you don’t really want for an upcoming event that you dread attending?

What Leaders Do Differently

I recently interviewed a group of seasoned executive leaders, and I asked them about what successful leaders do differently. Here’s what they told me…

Living Like My Buddy, George…

Why did so many people turn out at the church to pay tribute to a man of no title, little money, and few possessions? Because he knew how to…

Vaseline, Hats, Roles & Leadership

Once I dressed up as a greaser for Halloween donning jeans, a white t-shirt, a black, leather jacket and slicked-back hair. I didn’t have any natural affinity for the greasers, nor am I nostalgic for that era. But the fact is, this was the simplest costume for me to cobble together, because I already owed…

Comparison Kills Contentment

This morning, I saw a fit-looking man as I headed into the barbell area at the gym, and I subtly checked out how much weight he was using for his workout. God help me, and I know what I’m about to say sounds stupid and superficial, but I felt a little superior when I saw that I was lifting much more than this fit-looking young man –That is until I saw the guy behind him, a guy who could not have weighed more than 130 pounds fully dressed and wet, and that skinny, scrawny kid, who appeared to be all hair and bones, was out-lifting me. Do you know what happened to my contentment level at that moment? PFFFFFT!

Engagement is a Choice

A 2011 study found that engagement levels increase as you climb the corporate ladder. But the WHY might surprise you. Learn from a man I met recently in Arkansas…

Making a Silk Purse From a Sow’s Ear

Jonathon Swift said, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear,” Swift’s way of saying “You can’t get something of value (like a silk purse) out of something worthless (like a sow’s ear).”
But it turns out, Swift’s statement is false.