When It’s Okay to Walk Like An Egyptian

We will all experience trauma and loss in our lives. Once the shock wears off, here are some things that you should know about the grieving and healing process…

Quit Stalling: How to Stop Procrastinating

Call it procrastination or work-avoidance. We all have some form of it. I offer 5 TIPS as a former, world-class procrastinator on how to quit stalling and start getting things done NOW…

Thinking About Doing Vs. Doing

As a kid, I hated the very thought of taking a bath. I would stonewall and avoid getting into the tub for as long as I could. But I’ve since learned that thinking about doing something is way more exhausting than actually doing it.

Idiots Abroad: Lessons on Culture

You don’t have to visit another country to experience another culture. Look around your neighborhood, your office, or even your kitchen table. You are surrounded by people from different cultures. Here are 4 tips to keep you from looking like an idiot…

RU 4/20 Friendly (Revisited)

The guy in the tie dye shirt, sandals, and skull cap. Is he a hippie, biker, gang-banger, or stoner? None of the above. He’s just a middle-aged dad who beats his own drum.

3 Ways You Know Your Boss Stinks

Many people complain that they work for the world’s worst boss, but how do you know if your boss really deserves that title?

Thriving in Change & Beating the Cold

A helpful change reality: Once we come through a challenging time, the strength we’ve acquired will last much longer than the chill of the moment.

Your Life…In A Few Words

How do you think your life will be summarized when you’re gone? Will you be described by your gender, profession, marital status, age, and place of birth? Or will your character show up?