Leadership Lessons from Squirrel Management

During my years in leadership, I’ve learned that most leaders spend a disproportionate amount of resources dealing with squirrels (problem employees) instead of birds (superstars). How about you?

On Winning and…Whining

In sports as in life, victims make excuses for their failures while victors get busy scouting for their next success.

How to Become a Legacy

You can leave a legacy even if your name is never spoken aloud, you never win an award, and fans never scream your name. Tracy Bradford is that kind of legacy.

What REALLY Engages Employees?

Pouring money into salaries isn’t a sound engagement and retention strategy. It’s like admitting, “Look, I know it really sucks here. So why don’t I throw a few more bills your way?”

3 Ways You Know Your Boss Stinks

Many people complain that they work for the world’s worst boss, but how do you know if your boss really deserves that title?

Your Life…In A Few Words

How do you think your life will be summarized when you’re gone? Will you be described by your gender, profession, marital status, age, and place of birth? Or will your character show up?

A Resolve Worth Keeping

You achieve your happiest and highest performing version of yourself the moment you step into your strengths and act upon your purpose.

The Grinch & the 2nd Grade School Program

When it comes to attending my kids’ school programs, I’m an awful parent. Some parents really get into it. I’m lucky if I show up in matching shoes and pants.