Keynote Testimonials

Rave Reviews for Scott’s Speaking:

“Scott’s keynote about employee engagement was spot on. The long term care industry is rife with staff turnover. Scott’s down-to-earth anecdotes and staff retention advice really made sense to our group of 400 administrators, corporate staff, management personnel and line staff. His humor and empathy really grabbed them. We would definitely invite him back.” ~ M. Collins, Director of Membership Services, TN Health Care Association

“Scott was an excellent Keynote Speaker at our State SHRM Conference.  Scott exudes energy with a splash of comedy all while providing great information that can be incorporated into your business practice.  We highly recommend booking Scott for your next speaking engagement.” ~ M. Heinzen, North Dakota SHRM

“Scott recently presented a keynote address on the theme ‘Building Relationships’ for our Property Managers conference of approximately 200 attendees. I spent time with Scott prior to the conference giving him a feel for the culture of our organization as well as the objectives of our conference. We were extremely pleased with Scott’s presentation and in particular how he hit directly on the points we requested. Not only was Scott’s speech NOT canned, but it was evident he took the time to study our business and our people. It was gratifying the number of attendees that stopped me to say ‘he was amazing, inspirational, etc.’  In terms of meeting our expectations, I can say he absolutely exceeded them. I highly recommend Scott for keynotes or other motivational addresses which are intended to challenge yet inspire the audience.” ~ Thomas W. Bradford, Vice President, Hines Corporate Operations Services, 

“Scott’s keynote presentation was excellent. He was extremely engaging and energetic. One of the things I liked most in his presentation style is his use of real life examples and how his leadership concepts will work in real life situations. At the end of our conference, we conducted a survey and asked for feedback on our speakers. Scott received all 5 out of 5 ratings across the board. Most of the people commented that he had been one of the best speakers they had heard out of the many conferences they have attended. I can highly recommend Scott as a speaker and hope I have the opportunity to hear him speak again in the future.” ~ Cindy F., President, Professional Association of Healthcare Office Managers

“After hearing many keynote speakers, Scott Carbonara stood out because he was inspiring while providing practical ideas we can all put into action! He has a unique skill of engaging and motivating the audience while leaving them with ideas to ponder and integrate in professional and personal lives. I particularly appreciated his use of gratitude and mantras to enhance lives.” ~ Kathy M., Executive Director, MN HomeCare Association

“Thank you for delivering a powerful message. The leaders had nothing but positive comments about your presentation, and left feeling ready to take action, and ‘owning’ that engagement starts with them. Your message was practical and logical, yet highly engaging. You delivered it in a way that the audience could easily connect and relate to you. Our event couldn’t have been a success without you!” ~ Jamie H., MS, HR Director, Carolinas Healthcare

“Scott did a masterful job at effectively communicating to our managers the importance of collaborating across our divisions.  Through his team building exercise, our managers recognized that in order to be competitive in today’s market, we need to avoid silos and work closely together as a team to deliver high-value solutions to our existing and future customers.” ~ John Lord, Chief Operating Officer, Camber Corporation

“It is rare to find a speaker who connects with the entire audience but Scott Carbonara did exactly this! 100% of our evaluations had positive comments and reviews from Scott’s energetic and moving presentation. Scott was able to provide a burst of fresh air and re-energize our conference attendees!” ~ Don M., President Emeritus, Healthcare Finance Management Association-Montana Chapter

“Scott hit it out of the park!  Our conference attendees left enlightened and inspired by a speaker that not only understands the industry, but was able to bring clarity to the critical changes and demands going on in healthcare.  The Idaho Nurses Association will bring Scott back in the near future, we can’t afford not to!  Thank you Scott!” ~ Holly C., Idaho Nurses’ Association

“SD Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (SD MEP affiliate) was fortunate to have Scott Carbonara provide the keynote address at the SD Manufacturing CEO State Summit in October.  Scott hit it out of the park with his topic of “Get PSST! Igniting Employee Passion and Preferences”.  After the presentation, several CEOs approached me and requested Scott return to South Dakota to lead their leadership teams in a workshop to address the employee engagement and retention issues many employers are facing with unemployment hovering at 3%.  Scott’s personal passion, experience, storytelling ability and key take away points resonated with the CEOs in the audience.  I am looking forward to working with Scott to assist business organizations across South Dakota.” ~ Dan Kippley, Business Development, SD Manufacturing & Technology Solutions

“Scott Carbonara:  The Leadership Therapist enlightened our staff with his keynote address during our highly coveted Spirit Awards. Mr. Carbonara’s message was both exciting and energized. With the use of everyday examples, Mr. Carbonara excited our team with a fresh way to look at leadership, and how to incorporate that into our everyday lives. Mr. Carbonara’s energized, engaging, and humorous techniques challenged our team to work together. Mr. Carbonara’s message inspired our team to think of leadership under a new light.” ~ Robert Kirkpatrick, President, Kirkpatrick Management Company

“Scott received excellent marks for his presentation at NCMGM’s Spring Conference. With his healthcare background experience, charismatic presentation and delivery, Scott was the best way to begin our conference!” ~ Melissa K., Executive Director, North Carolina Medical Group Managers

“It was a pleasure working with Scott and I can’t say enough about his message.  Not only was his presentation entertaining, but it was also uplifting and gave everyone (me included) with some great takeaways that can be applied back at home and in the office.” ~ Jill S., Executive Director, Texas MGMA

“I heard nothing but OUTSTANDING feedback from our members about Scott’s presentation!  Thank you again for joining us. Personally, I enjoyed Scott’s presentation and found that I can apply many of the things he discussed into my professional and personal life.”  ~ Gabe R., Winston-Salem MGMA

“He brings wisdom, corporate experience, and a wry sense of humor together to keep the audience engaged.  Scott helps you understand why things are not working and provides insight on creating a different future state.  Smart, positive, on-point.” ~ Teresa Hall, Construction & Operations Management Department, South Dakota State University

“Scott Carbonara, The Leadership Therapist, was a delight to have present at our AMA Iowa luncheon. A highly engaging and thought-provoking speaker, he made you think of leadership in a new way with tangible takeaways. With high energy and an engaging presentation style, Scott captured the audience’s attention and left us all brainstorming with new ways to lead. Being strapped for time in a fast-paced marketing world, he filled our tanks and gave us motivation to leave equipped with positive thoughts and ideas to create change within our organizations.” ~ Angela Ten Clay, President, American Marketing Association-Iowa

“The reviews were excellent.  We survey after each session and then a large survey after the event.  Scott received the highest score of all sessions 4.9 out of 5 and many wonderful comments. He truly touched many people and encouraged some positive changes both personally and professionally. I have to admit that even with a glowing recommendation and speaking with Scott beforehand, he exceeded all my expectations. For a small group, we feel very fortunate to have had an opportunity like this.   Thank you both so much and safe travels.” ~ Lynn C., Showhomes 

“Scott was an opening keynote at our first ever workforce development conference.  His precise balance of  valuable content and humor kicked our event off perfectly.  His fresh approach to discussing generational differences was much appreciated.  He truly opened our eyes to the way we see ‘those people’ meaning the Millennials, in the workplace and what they bring to the talent pool.” ~ Rachell Henning, Sioux Empire Society for Human Resource Management

“Scott spoke at our In-Service general assembly In-Service for faculty and staff at North Arkansas College.  Scott worked with our In-Service committee during the 3 months prior to the event to customize this presentation to fit the needs of our College. Because of the customization, his message was personalized to fit our current situation. The feedback we received from our employees was overwhelmingly positive.  In fact, the second session during that day that we asked Scott to present was planned for a smaller group of supervisors. Because of the positive response after Scott’s first session that morning, three times as many employees as we expected attended the second session that afternoon! Thank you Scott for presenting two great sessions for our employees, and helping to make Fall 2013 In-Service a success. ~ Kris Greening, Director of Human Resources, North Arkansas College

“You set the stage and energized an industry that could have been low key…The feedback was so positive from your presentation, with words such as ‘great,’ ‘wonderful,’ and ‘joy/humor makes you smarter and more creative.’ …You were the right and best person to start our day.” ~ Joie G. Executive Director, NM Association for Home and Hospice Care

“It was great having Scott as the keynote speaker for RegEd’s annual client conference.  He took the time to tailor his remarks to our audience and conference theme and was engaging, inspiring, struck a relevant chord with our clients!” ~ Debra Freitag, Chief Strategy Officer, StoneRiver RegEd, Inc.

“Scott Carbonara has spoken at our local NCC SHRM Chapter several times and is always a HUGE hit. So when we won the bid to host the  NC SHRM State Conference here in Greenville, NC, we knew who we wanted as one of our keynotes. So much so, that we reached out to him 2 years in advance to make sure he could get us on his schedule. As always he did not disappoint. Our event was football themed and he participated in it, and wore his football jersey to his keynote. He was by far our most talked about speaker and people are still emailing me asking for his contact information. Scott and his team are a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to work with them again!” ~ Vicki W., Chair, NC State SHRM Conference

“Scott Carbonara spoke at SHRM Alabama State Conference. His reviews were so good that ASHRM decided to bring him back as keynote speaker. He did not disappoint; his reviews were the highest for two years in a row! Scott has the rare ability to deliver relevant and useful information in an engaging and humorous manner. I highly recommend Scott to speak at any leadership type venue.” ~ Pam W., SHRM AL State Council Director

“I knew I wanted to ask him to be our closing speaker for our annual Learning and Development Summit. Even after a full day of content, as our final speaker, he completely captivated and engaged an audience of 115 people! What a perfect way to end our event! As I looked around the room, I saw people nodding in agreement, some vigorously taking notes so that they didn’t miss a thing and others sitting on the edge of their seat in anticipation of the next “nugget” of content. Scott presented thought provoking information that was both reflective and actionable, weaving humor into each topic. Our participants left the event invigorated with Scott’s infectious positive attitude and specific tools to take back to their organizations to engage their employees. I plan on utilizing Scott’s talents again in the near future.” ~ Amy Wartham, Director of Corporate Training, UNC Charlotte

“Scott brought his infectious sense of humor and energy to our conference. He challenged,  re-energized, and inspired us all. Everyone left his presentation with the understanding that we all have the ability to become engaging leaders in our companies and he empowered us all to be evangelists for sustainable positivity and performance.” ~ Lynne P., President, Indiana Apartment Association

“It is rare to find a speaker who connects with the entire audience but Scott Carbonara did exactly this! 100% of our evaluations had positive comments and reviews from Scott’s energetic and moving presentation. Scott provided a burst of fresh air and re-energized our conference attendees!” ~ Don M., President, MT Healthcare Finance Mgmt. Assn.

“Excellent, engaging, and very informative.” “Scott was wonderful, bring him back.” “Love the speaker wish it were longer!” “Very inspiring.” “Fantastic!” ~ Sample member survey comments, SHRM-Cape Fear Chapter

“My favorite engagement session…” “Great storyteller; I was really engaged.” “Great speaker. Very engaging. Wish there was more time. I didn’t want the presentation to end.” “Bring him back.” “Was better than the opening engagement culture program. Scott’s tips were way more practical for the workplace. Excellent!” “Scott is awesome! Excellent presentation!” “Excellent upbeat session to start the day.” ~ Sample member survey comments, Florida State SHRM conference

“Keynote speaker was spectacular.  Aligns with what we are working to achieve on my team.” “Great way to start the Symposium; humor, information and a dynamic speaker!” “Fantastic- many take aways!” “So perfect for my team and organization.” “Keynote was terrific.” ~ Sample member survey comments, Austin Call Center Alliance

“Scott is a passionate and innovative communicator with great vision. Scott has outstanding facilitation skills, is a collaborative leader, and knows how to get things done well. A pleasure to work with!” ~ Arden Brion, Managing Director, Root Learning

“If you are looking for someone who can inspire your workforce into producing excellent results and/or someone with superior communications and people skills, Scott is your man.” ~Travis Williams, health care-based Communication Specialist

“…an extremely creative and talented individual that is very personable and a wonderful presenter. I personally worked with Scott on several projects where he excelled in communicating the strategy and vision to all levels in a very engaging format.” ~ Linda Amburn, Vice President of Customer Service, Health Care Services Corporation

“I look forward to working with Scott again!” ~ Tom Riley, Closerlook Inc.

“Scott is one of the most high-energy people I’ve come across in my career. His enthusiasm is infectious.” ~ Craig Wortmann, President of; Professor/Consultant, Chicago Booth

“I call Scott an A+ Asset to an organization. I have witnessed Scott and his team in action, and all I can say is…very impressive! I have worked with hundreds of organizations, but working with Scott has always been educational, inspiring, and, again…very impressive.” ~ Sam Glenn, Author/Speaker


“Upbeat, humorous…You can relate to it… Scott is engaging…Got his message across.” ~ Debbie Jacyszyn, Manager, Xerox

“Positive, upbeat, full of energy.” ~ Robin Winters, Project Manager, Thomson Reuters

“Great presenter, good humor.” ~ Kelly LeGrett, Nixon Peabody

“Interactive and interesting. Very practical and great interpersonal presentation.” ~ Kim S., Carestream Health

“…The use of real life examples–things we can all relate to.” ~ Martha S., Consultant, Technisource

“A great positive energy that reminded me that life is good and to see the positive. Just the boost I needed. Thank you!” ~ Michelle M., Thomson Reuters

“I loved his energy!  He kept me engaged throughout the entire presentation! ” ~ Annette, Compensation Analyst, ServiceMaster

“Everyone I have heard from has raved about his presentation, how great it was and encouraging.  And I agree with these comments, too”. ~ Faye Lotte, FedEx

“I enjoyed Scott’s presentation. I thought he was great! He kept my attention and I recommend him as a speaker.” ~ Sharon Williams, Methodist Health

“The presentation went very well and I had several people compliment my choice in speaker.” ~ Jessica Van Eyck, Employment Specialist, Pinnacle Airlines

“Everyone was happy with the speaker and really enjoyed Scott. I will be talking to the NATIONAL executive officers and recommending Scott for their next conference!” ~ Suzette, President of Healthcare Association

“Scott is very knowledgeable in this area. I was inspired. His positive, upbeat demeanor made it even more interesting.” ~Christine, Pediatric Practice Billing Supervisor

“I liked his enthusiasm about what was spoken about.” ~ Kate Tintorri, Assistant District Manager, Coordinated Health

“I was reminded to be aware of who holds my mirror, and that I need to focus on the positive more with my staff. ‘Make sure the mirror you hold reflects the light.’ ” ~ Mary Jo Shields, Executive Director, Prime Health Network

“Excellent examples, use of humor. I laughed out loud. Thank you for sharing your expertise and Lessons learned. It made me think and evaluate.” ~ Member, Professional Association of Healthcare Office Managers

“I like the interaction and the ease of the discussion.” ~ HR Team Leader, Medical Practice

“I liked that Scott picked topics that we are able to take and develop. Not only develop ourselves as managers but help to develop and engage our offices.” ~ Meg, Physicians Group

“Great delivery method. Very articulate.” ~ Janet, Hospital Group

“Scott used amusing stories to make a point and is obviously passionate about his work!” ~ Mary Anne Tyler, Medical Manager

“Valuable and useful information that I can use regarding engagement—new tools I can use! Lots to think about!” – Rebecca, Practice Manager