Yep, It’s Been A While…

I haven’t shared a blog since July of this year, but that’s not because I’ve been on sabbatical or an extended vacation somewhere tropical that has never heard of COVID.

Actually, I’ve been quit busy with multiple projects. My latest book came out in June, coauthored with friend and leadership expert Tony Gambill called Getting It Right When It Matters Most. When the pandemic cancelled most of my live speaking events, I started writing more, just not blogging. At the beginning, I helped others write their books. Then it evolved into ghostwriting books and coaching others on how to best write their own.

Even though I haven’t taken the time to write a traditional long-form blog, I have never stopped sharing random thoughts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Several people have asked me when I would start blogging again, so I decided to would occasionally use my blog to share some of the posts I put out on other platforms. As a pilot, I’m going to share three posts formerly posted on some of my other platforms.  And I’d love your feedback on this new format. If you like it, tell me. If you don’t, I will take “unsubscribe” as another form of feedback!

Whether you are aware of it or not, everything you do leaves an impression on others. If you want others to view you as supportive, offer support. If you wish to be seen as kind, practice kindness. Today you will leave your mark on someone. That’s not illusions of grandeur; rather, it’s knowing that you create your legacy in every small impression you make.

What can you do to leave a positive mark?


We spend so much energy trying to bubble wrap our lives against risks and harm. Resilience isn’t built in safety. We don’t know our limits until we reach them. When we break, we will never break in the same place twice. Your scars tell the world you tried, failed, and came back stronger.

Show me where you broke, and I will point to the source of your greatest potential strength.



According to Gallup research, we focus more on weaknesses than strengths. But what if what others see as your flaw is actually your superpower? You’re not flighty; you’re spontaneous. Not pushy, but persuasive. Not a chatterbox, but a natural born networker. Instead of trying to remove your weaknesses, play into them. Quirky, authentic people become instantly memorable in the vast sea of sameness. Don’t be afraid to let “flaw” fly free!


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  1. Dave S. says:

    I like the “do something that will be talked about for years to come” idea. Thanks for the nudge, I needed that reminder.

    1. Scott Carbonara says:

      Hi Dave, I try to be mindful in small things as well as big ones. Yesterday when I cleaned out the memorial garden I planted in memory of my daughter, I saw it as sacred work instead of a bother. My hope is that years after I’m gone, the garden will show signs that love went into its design and care.

  2. Jodi says:

    WOW, I needed that! Just finished reading the first chapter and immediately ordered it. Talk about timing 🙂

    1. Scott Carbonara says:

      Hi Jodi, that’s great! Squire Rushnell says there are no coincidences, only “God Winks!”

  3. Amy Germann says:

    I like this new format, and wouldn’t mind seeing it occasionally going forward. I liked your older blog format too.

    1. Scott Carbonara says:

      Hi Amy, I hope to do both as time permits! Thank you!

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