Resilience in Times of Change

When a crisis (like COVID-19) takes over every news story, it’s easy to become full of gloom-n-doom. But don’t stay stuck. Your energy follows your focus. So look for the upside. Because there is always an upside.

Our toilet started leaking last week. So I decided to become a plumber and fix it!

For example, I’ve been wanting to launch more content using video and podcasts, but I’ve never found the time to figure it all out. One upside of staying home is that I found the time! More importantly, my daughter, Sascha is also home and shared her expertise with me. Working together, she helped me launch this short video about how important it is to keep your focus, especially when facing challenges.

I’d love your thoughts on the video. And I’d love to hear what you are focusing on to keep your focus and energy strong!

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  1. Cindy Allgood says:

    Love the video! Thank you!

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