How We Breathe Life into Others!

To help us breathe life into as many organizations as possible, we brought in Client Relationship Manager, Leslie Ann Yell.

Instead of me telling you about Leslie, I asked her to share a few details about herself and then asked her if she would share her thoughts about the first time she attended a Spiritus Communications event.

Birthplace: Charleston, SC—I still love the heat!

Current Home: Pittsboro, NC—I’ve learned to enjoy a tad of snow every year too.

Education: B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication, UNC-Chapel Hill; M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, UNC-Greensboro; and all of the people and events that educate me every day!

Family: David is my husband and best friend of 20+ years. Together we have two teenage daughters and a 1st grade son. We have extended family from Pittsboro and Charlotte, NC, and Sumter and Charleston, SC.

Favorite Food: Oh, I can’t pick—I love to eat!

Hobbies: Reading, spending time with loved ones, all adventures in the great outdoors—hiking, backpacking, paddling, cycling, running, swimming, floating, chasing fun!

Best Book: Too many good ones out there to pick just one, but All the Light We Cannot See is a recent well-loved read.

Favorite Movie: “Love Actually”

Secret: Can’t tell, it’s a secret! 😉 _______________________________________________________

Greetings! I am Leslie Ann Yell, the newest member of the Spiritus Communications team. I started working with Scott and Jocelyn last fall, and I feel like a very lucky girl!


Just after I started working at Spiritus, I attended a conference for human resources professionals where Spiritus CEO Scott Carbonara delivered the keynote address. I was eager to hear from my new boss, especially to learn more about what I might have gotten myself into!

Cold Reality

Eager, that is, until the morning of the event. I awoke that morning in a mood. I had not slept well for a few nights. I was tired and worried about my mom with Alzheimer’s. My kids were fighting over breakfast cereal. Traffic slowed on my commute. It started to rain. I dropped my umbrella while juggling my laptop into its bag.

Aaargh! By the time I entered the conference center, I had made up my mind that was the last place I wanted to be at that moment.


But as soon as Scott started talking, my breathing started to return to normal and my cynicism started to vanish. He told stories, and he made me laugh (I needed that!). He opened my eyes to truths I knew but needed to hear again in a new way. He lightened my load as he spread joy—joy that lifted the whole audience. He connected with all of us.


I left with three points to elevate on my priority list:

  1. I need to continue to surround myself with the right people, people who are positive and passionate about lifting up the spirits of those around them.
  2. I need to develop a mantra, one that will keep me focused on my ultimate goal, one that calls me to breathe renewed life into my big picture.
  3. I need to sharpen my attention to the positives in my life. If I stay invested in the positives in the people and processes around me, I won’t have time to look for things to complain about. Positivity begets positivity. I will breathe, sow, and reap more positivity.

Serving Others

In less than an hour, I completely forgot about the rotten attitude and mood I arrived with on that rainy morning. He breathed life into me and the audience, into our very spirits. And that, I learned, is what we at Spiritus strive to do for you: breathe life into your spirit and the spirit of your organization.

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  1. Ken Grant says:

    Welcome to Spiritus, Leslie. Wish I could say I am a long time friend of Scott’s and Jocelyn’s, but we’ve only known each other for a little over 6 years now. Still, I have come to appreciate their particular brand of wisdom and always look forward to Scott’s posts on his blog and Jocelyn’s posts on FaceBook. You have landed at a very safe airport where you will be well taken care of emotionally and professionally. Good luck.

    Ken Grant

    1. Thanks, Ken. We feel blessed to know you. Thanks for welcoming Leslie Ann aboard!

  2. Terry Williams says:

    Leslie, you will love working with Scott and Jocelyn. I met Scott about 13 years ago. He was part of an interview team and I was an applicant for a manager role. He immediately put me at ease and made it very easy for me to answer interview questions with confidence. I got the job, and I’m proud to say that 13 years later, I’m still with the company. Scott is one of my mentors; we can go years without talking but put us together and it’s like we never missed a beat. I joke with my wife about the things I want to do when I retire in a few years – one of those things that isn’t a joke is to work with the Carbonaras at Spiritus. (Scott didn’t know that!)

    1. That’s awesome, Terry. Retire. And then WELCOME ABOARD!

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