The National Employee Engagement Conference!

confDo you know what the rock group Queen can teach you about EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT?

Do you know what Black Sabbath demonstrates about EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT?

Or how about this: Do you know the connection between EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT and decorated war hero, James Stockdale?

How about the connection between EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT and the movie Scarface with Al Pacino?


You must know about how EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is like having the mother of all bad colds, right? I’m sure you know at least as much about EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT as a 4 and 1/2 pound dog named Bruno!

No?! Then join me and my friends in Chicago in a couple of weeks on November 7 and 8 at the National Employee Engagement Conference! At this conference, you’ll learn how to

Become contagious about EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT, and learn how to spread it around your office like a virus!

Learn from celebrated employee engagement experts–all of them accomplished speakers, trainers, authors, and consultants–who will share some of the same insights they’ve shared with their Fortune 500 clients!

Space at this national conference is limited to 100 to ensure that each participant can receive personalized attention from the speakers. Register for National Employee Engagement Conference now before the last seat is gone.

Group discounts may apply. Contact me with any questions!

See you in Chicago!

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