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I read that 52% of the population make New Year’s Resolutions each year; however, only 12% keep them.

So if you’re like most people, February is the month where your resolutions have officially died.

But on a positive note, let me issue a new challenge–one you can start today instead of waiting until the next new year. This challenge offers you rewards along the way, and the actions are not set so high as to doom you to failure before you begin. Are you ready? Here’s the challenge:

Take time to feed your spirit.

Presumably, you work out your body and your mind, right? Use it, or lose it, a physical therapist once told me. Just like atrophy attacks your body and mind, the same happens to your spirit, too. A broken or downcast spirit keeps you from performing your best.

Happy people–those with a positive, joyful spirit–enjoy more success in both their business and personal lives. They also live longer, get sick less often, and demonstrate more creativity. If that’s not enough, happy people have more friends and experience greater connectivity with the world around them.

If your spirit seems stuck in a downward spiral, start now to climb out of the hole you’re in and to enter into a new state of happiness. Here’s the first tip (more to follow):

Plan something positive.

The holidays are over. Even the Superbowl is done. And Memorial Day is WHEN?

You can’t eat a bunch today and expect that to last you for a week, can you? Of course not. You have to eat regularly. Likewise, you can’t feed your spirit by going too long between feedings. Keep something positive in front of you at all times.

Plan something positive today. Plan a date night with your favorite guy or gal. Schedule a “guys” or “girls” night out with friends. Catch a cup of coffee some morning this week with someone you like…and who likes you back. Put some time on the calendar to invest in a hobby that you enjoy, like taking a hike, reading, or watching a favorite movie.

Research in positive psychology tells us that just thinking about watching your favorite movie or television show can increase your endorphins (happy chemicals in your body) by 27 percent. THINKING ABOUT IT, not even watching it…but just THINKING ABOUT IT. Anticipation is a powerful happiness tool that builds both joy and resilience.

We’ve all heard tales of people living beyond their “expiration date” because they were holding on to make it to the holidays or to see the birth of a new grandchild.

Plan something positive, something that either gives you joy as you anticipate experiencing it, or something that gives you the strength to get through a current difficulty.

Here’s all you have to do. First, look at your calendar. Second, pick a date in the near future. Third, make all necessary plans. And finally, feel the endorphins pump as you start anticipating it.

I’d love to hear what it is that you’re looking forward to!


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  1. Laurence says:

    Way ahead of you! Realized this late Summer, and put an aggressive action plan in place! Joined a Horse Rescue, that I cannot wait to get to twice a week, and scheduled as many “fun” events as my friends could handle!!! 🙂
    The girls and I are headed to Wisconsin tomorrow for a much needed Spa Weekend! Relaxation, good spirits (and no I am not talking about the liquid kind, although…), great food, and much fun to be had! Talk about endorphins rush! 🙂

    As always, loved the blog! Keep up the good work!

    1. scottcarbonara says:

      That’s awesome on your part to recognize that you need something, and then to put it into place to make it happen! Good for you, Laurence!

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