Starting the Week Off Right

Monday can set the tone for the whole week. So when the preschool worker this morning had a little tone in her voice as we dropped off Sierra, it got me thinking.

Monday’s often follow tiring weekends where we either try to pack in as much fun as possible, or we play catch-up on all of the things we’ve neglected around the house because we’ve been…well, working. A Monday is just the natural consequence of a weekend…and being born of non-trust fund parents. So it’s okay to not be thrilled about your once a week re-entry into the work routine.

But since Monday’s can be universally challenging, I think we should work together to keep Monday crabbiness and surliness to a minimum.

What if we all try this:

Instead of expecting to be irritated by people  today, let’s make it a point to find things we like about others … and then tell them.

Here’s a simple formula to follow:

Hey (insert person’s name)! I noticed that (insert something you like about the other person here). I just wanted to say (insert something positive like THANKS or KEEP IT UP or I REALLY LIKE THAT or IT MADE MY DAY).

Imagine how much better your day will go if you surprise a coworker by saying something like: “Hey! You look great. What’s your secret?” (Note: if your coworker is dressed in a zombie costume today, this might be taken as sarcasm).

Don’t wait until Tuesday to reset and restart the tone for your week. You can do it today, even though it’s Monday, by spreading a little sunshine!

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  1. Ken Grant says:

    Scott, I have two thoughts on this, 1) without Mondays, Tuesdays would be a mess, and 2) In the Army we had a saying that we particularly used in the midst of really trying times (in the field up to our ankles in mud and rain and eating a cold lunch for example) we would shout out…”Every day’s a holiday, every meal’s a feast, every paycheck’s a fortune, and every formation is a parade…HOOOAHHH!!!” Really breaks up a bad mood.

    1. scottcarbonara says:

      I love this, Ken! I might have to use this in a speech this week! HOOOOOOAHHHH!

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